Stairs are the functional elements of the deck and provide better visuals to it. Building deck stairs can be a hectic task and making the right decision can be more tiring for everyone. Deck steps should be planned as their height, shape, width everything matters if you want it to give a perfect visual to the deck. Before we share with you how to build deck stairs let us look at the different types of deck stairs:

Box type stairs

If you are planning for low height decks then this might be the best choice. The series of wood boxes are kept on top of one another. These are considered trendy these days but we would suggest opting for stringer stairs if you want more than three steps.

Open Style stairs

de2 Stepwise Guide on How to Build Deck Stairs

This style is chosen when you have huge open space and deck areas. These are also known as freestyle staircases that are becoming popular deck steps ideas in the market.

Some common code requirements and recommendations for building deck stairs:

  • The stairs should have minimum 48 inches wide so that it does not feel cramped
  • The range of stair raise is 4 inches to 73/4 The difference between the longest and shortest riser height should not be more than 3/8 inches.
  • The notches in the open stringer should not be too deep as it weakens the structure.
  • The stair railing should have a graspable handle

Some safety measures when you are building deck stairs:

  • Wear eye protection and a dust mask while cutting or handling the wood
  • Clean your hands after completing your work
  • Follow the proper disposable method for sawdust and other things
  • Never burn the pressure-treated wood

Let us look at some steps on How to build deck stairs?

Step 1

Measure the height from the land to the top of the deck for clear vision.  Ensure that the ground is leveled and flat for better measurements.

Step 2

Make the right decision about stringers. They can be either on the inside or outside you can take advice from the experts who have the better deck steps ideas.

Step 3

Decide how many stairs you want and what will be the height of the riser.

Step 4

Note down the height of your steps from top to bottom.

Step 5

Implement the plan on wooden panels and mark the details by using a ruler, pencil, and framing square. Use a circular saw and cut the wooden planks precisely to avoid cutting over the guidelines.  You can also use a handsaw to have clear finishing on the panels.

Step 6

Place a landing pad which can be:

  • Post footer: to make a post footer you need to install a concrete footer post and secure stringer.
  • Concrete landing post: It is considered a very strong material. You just have spread a layer of concrete for 4 inches underneath the ground.

Step 7

After completion of a landing pad install the risers and stringer into the wooden post. Use a minimum of 3 inches screws for attaching the stringer with the bottom of the deck frame.

Step 8

Place a riser at the edges of each stringer and use the first one as a guide for the rest of the risers. Use screws and L brackets to attach everything and follow the same process for the stringers and risers.

Follow the above steps to build deck stairs easily.

Summarizing the process

Determining the rise and run

Record the width and height of your staircase. You will have to note all the measurements about the height and width of stairs, how many steps you are planning to build, the areas for the concrete footer, and the depth of the steps.

Build the concrete footer

Level and compact the soil using a tamper and dug about 2 inches to 4 inches below. Then pour the concrete into it until it reaches the ground level, then smoothen it using the trowel and level. Let the cement settle down for about 24 to 48 hours.

Cut down the stringers

Use the framing square to build the side of the stairs. Cut the wooden planks using a circular saw and then use a hand saw for better finishing. Repeat the same process to build other stringers.

Attaching the stringers to deck and footer

Set the stringers by placing the bottom ends on the concrete pad and another against the face of the deck. Use the level to check the placement of the stringers and attach them using the angle brackets and screws.

Cut and attach treads

Cut the stair treads as they overlap the stringers about 1 inch on both sides. Push one of the treads against the backside and center of the stringer then attach using two 3 inch deck screws on each side. Repeat the same until all treads are successfully attached.

In this blog, we have shared the basic method on how to build deck stairs seamlessly. Still, missing some parts or require more information you can checkout to Housedecorationtip.