Marie Kondo has become a sensational personality due to the remarkable way she has transformed cluttered personal and office spaces into tidy and well-organized spaces. Her decluttering advice is simple and easy to follow: first, put your hands on every belonging you have and ask yourself if it sparks joy, and if it doesn’t, dispose of it; second, once only the joy-giving belongings remain, put every item in a location where the items are visible, accessible and easy to return. And to do just that, you will need to have a clear storage idea for the essential things that remain.

Do the decluttering by category

By category, Marie Kondo means to do the decluttering of your belongings by category, starting from the easiest or least emotionally loaded item to the hardest or ones with most emotional or sentimental value. By equivalent item, you start off with clothes first, books next and pictures and mementos much later. With every categorical decluttering, you will need a storage container for this task. For clothes, a large container should be in order, and you can estimate the size of the container depending on how many items you need to keep for each category.

A portable storage unit can be particularly useful for storage tasks that involve a large number of items. A major decluttering session KonMari style or a move to a new house is just a few instances where a large unit can be used.

Store the things you want to discard

Why store the things you don’t need anymore? If these things aren’t broken, you need not break them. The things you want to discard may still be of some other use after all. You can keep them stored away until you know what to do with them. While in storage, you need to cover these things and protect them from wear and tear, weather elements and from pests. Clothes in particular are vulnerable to these elements and will need a good enclosure to still be in good condition. You can then give these clothes to other people who are in need when the right time comes. If you plan to make money out of the things you don’t need, you also have to store them safely and keep them in good condition fit for selling. Once all of the things you don’t need are lined up and stored, you can have a garage or rummage sale at your convenient time.

Consider your storage space

Don’t forget that you are doing the decluttering project to free up some well-needed space. Make sure that your storage boxes or containers do not occupy much space and defeat the purpose of your decluttering. If your house of office has a space outside, like a garage or a storage room make sure to utilize the space properly. If you don’t have an extra storage space, you can always use the large storage units that accommodate a room’s worth of stuff.

Decluttering projects will need a significant amount of time and planning, as you will need to go through all of your stuff to determine which ones are worth keeping and which ones should be discarded. You may be surprised, but you could actually need a large storage unit or an extra large box for storing all the things you don’t need. It would be a waste to treat these things as garbage. Instead, if you haven’t decided on what to do with the household belongings you don’t need anymore, store them and keep them safe until you make up your mind.