When you begin self-isolating, a lot of people use the time to catch up on their missed TV series episodes or even the sleep they lost for the past few weeks. Whether you were one of these people or someone who immediately took to some long-awaited projects, you have probably reached the point of getting tired of staying inside your house for too long. Who wouldn’t be, right? It is now time to consider some easy DIY projects that will upgrade your interior view enough to keep you from going crazy. Here are a few projects that could take advantage of some items you may already have laying around, that can help to change things up.

1.   Floating Shelves

Do you have a few old belts that you no longer wear and some scrap lumber? You’re all set to make these cool hanging shelves. As far as tools for this project, you can get away with a hammer, tape measure, pencil, and a saw. For materials, you need a couple of leather belts and some wooden planks. Get creative with your wood and leather selection to best appeal to your home visually. Following the general guidelines set out in the link below, you can customize your new shelves to fit anywhere.

image001 Stuck in Self-Isolation? Here's Some Simple But Useful Home DIY Projects


2.   Wine Bottle Gardens

A common activity helping people get through these times of quarantine and self-isolation involves the emptying of wine bottles. This means there is a good chance that your recycling bin will hold some of the resources needed for this project. Create these tabletop decorative gardens using wine bottles. These are easy to make, cut the side off of a wine bottle, and fill it with your favorite little plants. To make these more stable you can cut the cork in half and glue a half on each side as legs. There is a load of DIY techniques for cutting glass as well as tools made for it if you’re having trouble cutting the bottle in half.

image003 Stuck in Self-Isolation? Here's Some Simple But Useful Home DIY Projects


3.   Bathroom Towel Storage

You may have taken to the popular idea of using woven baskets for storage all-around your house. They make great places to store toys, office supplies, books, and anything else floating around your home that needs a place to go. If you’re lucky enough to have a few spares lying around, or just want a change, consider turning them into a towel storage rack in your bathroom.  This project is simple. Using drywall anchors, attached the bottom of the basket to your wall.  We suggest adding a washer to the screw as well to prevent the screw from pulling through the basket.

image005 Stuck in Self-Isolation? Here's Some Simple But Useful Home DIY Projects


4.   Necklace Holder

If you were well equipped for the wine bottle garden project, you should be set to make this wine cork necklace holder. All you need are some corks, left natural or painted to a theme, and a board to attach them to. Drill holes on the board where you want the corks and screw them to the board from the backside. There you have it, a decorative place to hold your necklaces or anything else that is not too heavy for the corks.

image007 Stuck in Self-Isolation? Here's Some Simple But Useful Home DIY Projects


5.   Chalkboard

Are you stuck at home with kids and need a place to write down chores? Do you need a place to keep a grocery list? Maybe you just want a decorative place to doodle and put notes? This DIY chalkboard could be the perfect solution to any of these problems. You can build this on a board and hang it somewhere or build it directly as part of your wall if you’re confident and want it sticking around for quite long. Outside of the equipment needed to cut and hang aboard, all you need is a primer with a paintbrush, and chalkboard paint with a foam roller. It’s as easy as priming the board, and then painting on the chalkboard paint. You can even put a chalk and eraser holder at the bottom if you wish.

image009 Stuck in Self-Isolation? Here's Some Simple But Useful Home DIY Projects


6.   Blanket Ladder

Do you find yourself constantly folding blankets that keep getting pulled out from all of this self-isolating? Make your life easier and decorate that empty spot on your wall with a DIY blanket ladder. You can repurpose an old wooden ladder or build from scratch with a couple of boards and dowels cut to length. Then you can stain or paint the wood to match the rest of your room.  These ladders are aesthetically pleasing places to throw blankets when you are not using them. Additional tips, though. You can put rubber corks at the bottom of the ladder to avoid scraping your floor and makes it stable too.

image011 Stuck in Self-Isolation? Here's Some Simple But Useful Home DIY Projects


7.   Paint

Lastly, we suggest you paint something. This will give your room a shocking new feel without swapping out furniture or getting too many tools and intensive constructions. You could go about paint painting the walls, maybe a ceiling, or something smaller like a piece of furniture or a door. Anything that will change up the look and feel you have gotten so tired of over the past weeks of isolation. This is one of the most common, but also most valued home DIY projects that can be done while isolating.

image013 Stuck in Self-Isolation? Here's Some Simple But Useful Home DIY Projects


Staying at home sounds easy but as the days or even weeks go by, you might end up counting the leaves of the tree across your house out of so much boredom. But during this pandemic, being at home is the best thing you can do for your community. Recycling your old stuff is one thing for the environment as well. Be a hero in your simple DIY ways. Channel the creativity inside you and recreate your home. You can also do it with your loved ones and enjoy the bonding you rarely had because of your busy schedules. Your house’s vibe can significantly influence your mood, making it easier for you to have the relaxation you have been longing for.

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