If you’re like most people, you’ve envisioned your dream home more than a few times. You probably even have a couple of Pinterest boards dedicated to ideas you came across and want to try out. When it comes to designing your home yourself, you couldn’t be more excited. Now, you can bring all the ideas you’ve imagined to life. There’s only one problem – practicality often clashes with fantasy when choosing the right doors.

Do you go with style or security or both? With millions of burglaries reported each year, you have to rethink your options. Up to 95% of all home break-ins involve forceful entry. That is accomplished by picking a lock, breaking a window, or kicking in or prying a door. Homeowners face a dilemma: designing their houses while ensuring their exterior and interior doors meet their security needs while complementing their style.

With the right balance, you can find doors that meet both needs.

Invest in a High-Quality Lock

The essence of a door is to separate two spaces, both for security and privacy. Ultimately, a high-quality lock is the strongest and your first line of defense. You could have double fortified aluminum and steel doors, and it would mean nothing if you had a lock that anyone with some basic skills could pick with a credit card or bobby pin. There are four essential features you want to look for in a good lock:

  • Anti-drilling features
  • A strong locking system
  • A bolt-assembly protector
  • Anti-saw pins

It’s necessary to consult an experienced locksmith for advice on other features you may need. Most importantly, the anti-drilling feature will protect your lock against attempts by thieves to drill through it. A premium locking system will guard against replication, which will prevent robbers from copying your door lock. Anti-saw pins make it challenging to break down the door while the bolt-assembly protector saves the door lock from being dismantled.

Select a Suitable Material

For most people, imagining a solid silver steel door as the entrance to their homes seems unattractive. Luckily, modern machinery has made security doors extremely malleable and efficient. Additionally, they come in a wide variety of finishes suited to your style. Whether you opt for a steel or aluminum security door, it’s possible to enhance your home’s security without betraying the aesthetic.

Still, most people prefer wooden doors. Hardwoods like mahogany can offer adequate security coupled with a beautiful style. This is an excellent option for the front door. For the interior doors, you can opt for a lighter wood as there are fewer security concerns. You may also opt fo go with French doors to add a little elegance to your home. The vital thing to note is that the more solid the door’s material, the more secure it is.

22 Style & Security: Choosing the Perfect Home Doors

Sound Penetration

One of the key functions of doors, especially interior ones, is ensuring privacy. You wouldn’t want family members or even guests overhearing things they shouldn’t because the doors are thin. Sound penetration depends on the door’s sound transmission class. A higher STC number will allow less sound to pass through. An STC of 25 will allow most normal speech to pass through. 40 is an excellent middle ground, while 60 makes a door virtually soundproof.

Your Home is Your Haven

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for safety or the other way round. With a little imagination and the right professional advice, your home can be both secure and stylish. After all, you deserve to live in a house that feels like a home. Make it your little haven by making the right choices to ensure peace of mind.