Dried flowers are back. And what a colorful addition to your interior. Where you often put flowers in a vase, you can vary considerably with dried flowers. Here are the styling tips to keep in mind.

Which flowers can you dry?

In fact, you can dry all the flowers, but they will not all remain equally beautiful. White flowers are rarely a success, because they turn brown during the drying process. Roses, hydrangeas, lavender and grass plumes always do well. Also beautiful are the flowers that Rachelle keeps behind glass: rhodante (pink flowers), lagurus ovatus (an annual grass with plumes like rabbit streets, very nice!), Nigella, lavender, thistle and an Allium-like. If you don’t have so many beautiful things in your own garden, you can of course also dry flowers from a bouquet. Or visit a picking garden where you can pick flowers yourself and pay per stem.

Make a flower garland

Letting it dry is a party in itself. This is how you dry flowers: you hang the flowers upside down from a long garland, for example in bunches of each type. This way you can always add some flowers and remove the dried flowers when they are ‘done’. Ideally, you should choose a dark place, so that the original color of the flowers is best preserved. It takes a few weeks for the flowers to dry completely. When they crackle, they are ready to use in your interior.

Dried flowers in a vase

You usually see them combined in the living room, bedroom or toilet: dried flowers or a dried bouquet in a vase. Mix and match a few different types of vases or bottles and put them together on the dining table, side table or on an ottoman. Don’t hold back: the more vases, the more you make a statement with the colorful items. Dried flowers are one of the most popular flowers and letterbox flowers, which can be delivered as birthday flowers through the letterbox.


The do’s of dried flowers

  • Durable: they can last for months to years.
  • No care: dried flowers do not need water and do not have to be cut diagonally. So easy peasy!
  • colorful or neutral: dried flowers are also available in all colors, just like fresh flowers. So you can opt for a colorful mix or go for neutral colors.
  • self-drying: if you want to save money and are of course handy.


The don’ts of dried flowers

Slightly more expensive to purchase: the only don’t I can think of for you is that they are often slightly more expensive to purchase than fresh flowers. But since they last for months or even years and you don’t have to buy new ones every week.. count from your profit!

Bottled dried flowers

Dried flowers in a vase are nice. You can also fill vases or glass bottles with dried flowers. Let them stagger in length for a playful effect, but avoid that they protrude above the bottle or vase.

To frame

Dried flowers, beautiful items to frame. It’s trendy to take this literally. You can buy ready-made lists with dried flowers, or you can easily make your own.

Wreath of dried flowers

Dried flowers are easy to get through, so why not use them in a beautiful wreath. This way you ensure that your front door or barn door always looks thriving. Or what about decoration for the empty wall where the Christmas tree used to be? The same applies here: they can be bought ready-made as well as very easy to make yourself.


Finally, you can hang the dried flowers on the wall. Per bunch or per branch and a piece of tape, that’s all you need. Spread them over a painted wall and you’ve made your own flower power wall.

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