What can be more satisfactory than protecting a house with an environment-friendly roof system? It offers you the opportunity to contribute to the movement to save the mother-earth and take it a step ahead to sustainability and wellness. If you roam around the market, you will find numerous choices of eco-friendly roofings to pick one. They are sturdy, cause no harm to the environment, and guess what? They look stunning and offer an elegant appearance to your cherished house. But when the market is buzzing with different options, you may feel it a bit tricky to pick the perfect one compatible with your choice and budget.

London Eco Metal understands your urges and manufactures high-quality aluminum and steel roofing to contribute to the green movement for saving the ecosystem.

Why Buying Eco-friendly Material

Going green and sustainability are the most buzzing words nowadays. We are interested in environment-friendly elements, especially with the roofing method nowadays. Do you know why environment-friendly roofing materials are becoming more and more popular today? Here are the reasons:

  • They limit the energy consumption
  • Cost-effective
  • Healthier to the mother-nature
  • They are more convenient

Eco-friendly Roof Materials

As we have already mentioned, there are so many environment-friendly roof systems available. You can talk to an expert and judge which kind of top would be the best match for your house. No matter whether you are changing the roof of your house or need one for a newly-built residence, we are offering some cutting-edge eco-friendly roofing materials to ease you in making the buying decision.

Cool Roof

A white or cool roof is a stylish nature-friendly roofing element composed of a blend of gravel and white glue that can reflect most of the UV rays coming from the sun. Thus the roof does not absorb the heat, the inside of the house remains cooler, limiting the use of the air conditioning system. It, in return, decreases the energy consumption of the house. They not only offer a stylish appearance to the building, but they are also sturdy and more enduring than the conventional roofing systems.

If you live in a hot area, cool roofing can be an excellent choice for you. But it may cost you a handsome amount of installation cost.


Shingles made of wood are sturdy, last longer, and offer a classy look to the house. The best eco-friendly feature of wood shingles is you can recycle them and turn them into other wood-made products. They come in various colors and shades and get blended with the decor of any house easily. The biggest downside is they need a change in 20 years and involve a large maintenance expense for avoiding decaying, rust, or damage.


The metallic alloy has always been a popular roofing element that can be reclaimed. It exhibits reflective properties that can reflect most of the rays and does not let the heat enter the house. Thus metallic tiles or sheets work as a prominent roofing element to keep the house cooler naturally and cut the energy consumption on the air conditioning system. They are sturdy, meaning that metallic sheets can serve for longer, and come in varieties of style and combinations. Though they may involve a higher installation cost, once you install, you do not require a replacement for around fifty years. The surpassing advantage of metal sheets is you do not have to spend a lot on maintenance. Metallic alloy is not only entirely reusable and exhibits eco-friendliness, but it is also resistant to fire. If you are living in a snowy place, metallic tiles or sheets would be an excellent choice for avoiding ice accumulation on the roof. Aluminum and steel alloy metal roofs are in demand nowadays.


A stylish yet sturdy element is slate – an ingredient of the earth that can last for longer. It is an elegant, eco-friendly, and surpassing investment but comes with a massive initial cost. Like metal sheets, slate is also 100% recyclable and compostable, meaning it can be reused and will not cause any harm to the ecosystem.


Clay is another surpassing choice for an eco-friendly system that is entirely made of natural ingredients – mainly water and clay. Clay tiles are versatile and offer you different options in colors and form. They do not trap the hot air inside the house and let it flow to keep the inside cool. Though they come with a hefty installation cost, you can easily replace them whenever you need and do not involve higher maintenance cost. Again, you may need to use other structural reinforcement to let the home withstand the massive load of clay tiles.

Tips for Picking an Eco-friendly Roof Material

To ensure you are selecting the best eco-friendly material, we are offering some pro tips:

  • Make sure you are spending on a highly recyclable material
  • Always avoid roofings coated with copper or zinc
  • Ensure you buy a low-weight and durable material
  • Go for a light-colored material for its higher reflectivity if you live in a hot place
  • Do not go with materials that require chemical-maintenance