With every new season comes a fresh set of home décor trends. What you bring into your home this summer should be bright, sophisticated, and feel natural to who you are. However, the emphasis on summer can vary from household to household. It could be a season of gardening, outdoor games, and monthly BBQs with the neighbours for a family. Summer could mean pool parties, stargazing, or hanging out by the jacuzzi for a young couple.

Since this season has so many different interpretations, there aren’t any true rules to summer home décor. Your décor choices may revolve around seasonal activities or some aspects of your personality. There is no right or wrong way to decorate your home for this summer. The aesthetic in your home largely depends on your sense of style.

Last summer, COVID-19 locked many of us in our homes, and wholesale home décor trends reflected this phenomenon. There were many eCommerce-driven technologies, baking, gardening, and décor at-home activities. More of us are hopefully going outside, enjoying the weather, and getting vaccinated for this summer. With any luck, summer 2021 in home décor is going to be very different.

No matter what you do during this summer, we all eventually come back home. Our summer home décor should reflect the relaxation that comes with being at home after a long summer’s day. The following are some stylish home décor trends that you can implement this summer:


1. Cast Iron Accessories

Cast iron is a heavy-duty and slightly rustic material formed into many pieces of home décor. This year, you may want to add to your existing rustic aesthetic or add industrial chic to your household. You will enjoy a varied selection of cast iron home décor accessories, such as hooks, signs, and sculptures.

2. Dry, Woven Materials

Dry, desert-like woven fabrics don’t absorb any heat, and they can bring in a drier climate indoors with you. Items like tote bags, tall taper baskets, and round handled baskets are examples of natural woven materials for summer décor. You may also enjoy placing woven round tablemats and woven rugs around the household.

3. Tropical Décor

Tropical home décor is a classic theme in summer. If you have a family with young children, your kids will be excited about the bright and dynamic colors associated with the tropical style. You can add flamingos, pineapples, hummingbirds, and all sorts of tropical décor items to your home. Thankfully, these items aren’t that expensive either.

4. Lanterns

Switch up your lights this summer if you own a balcony, patio, or deck. Try portable lanterns or string up some LEDs. A fresh take on deck lighting, the beauty with summer décor lanterns is that they can move where you need them to be. They’re very easily portable and add a lively element during nighttime if you want to remain outside.

5. Cottage Country Aesthetic

The cottage country aesthetic is an iconography you’re probably already familiar with on things like tablecloths and napkins. By adding this cozy theme to your home décor, you can emphasize the summer cottage vibe without leaving your home. The cottage country look is very trendy this year. Believe it or not, we’ve even seen high-rise condos take on a cottage country home décor aesthetic!

6. Coastal & Nautical

Parallel to the cottage country home décor vibe is your coastal and nautical décor theme. Once again, this is essentially taking your home and inputting in iconography based on this theme. In the case of coastal home décor, that means starfish, coral branches, seashells, fish icons, whale tails, and anchors. Bring a slice of ocean life to your home décor this summer!

7. Home Bar

Bar accessories, like bottle stoppers, jugs, and decanters, are more luxurious than your average summer home décor. They are handy if you want to entertain guests at parties or social gatherings. Search for some rich, detailed bar home décor, which can add originality to a hangout space.

8. Swedish Dishcloth

The very-loved Amazing Swedish Dishcloth is an excellent summer home décor buy. Summer is a messy occasion, with BBQs, get-togethers, parties, and activities dominating the season. Swedish Dishcloths are eco-friendly, bacteria-resistant, and take care of messes quickly. Instead of using a stinky sponge, over-priced paper towels, or torn rags to clean up your messes, choose from a selection of artistic and colorful designs in dishcloths.

9. Decorative Planters

Indoor plants are a fun summer activity. Express your personality not only with plants but also with the planters. The right mix of trendy decorative planters is sure to cast a dreamy aura in your space. You can style your plants into something visually interesting that is in line with your taste.

10. Wall Décor

Wall décor is so visually impactful without taking up much space. This aspect of home décor doesn’t need to be summer-specific either. You can rotate in and out abstract shapes, colorful art, photographs, and whatever wall decor you want. Fill in a room with patterns that don’t require placement on a table or shelf. Regardless of the season, wall décor will always be a solid investment in home design and decorating.

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