Paint by numbers projects have become extremely popular since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and have helped a large number of individuals with passing the time and managing their anxiety. However, the main advantage of this style of painting is the fact that it is great for beginners.

The kits for paint by numbers paintings, such as the ones from PaintingKits include everything needed for an individual to start expressing their creativity. Furthermore, the entire process is guided, so even those who have never painted or drawn before will be able to create beautiful paintings.

This having been said, even with all the detailed instructions that are included in one of these kits, there are a few “trade secrets” that can make your life a lot easier if you want to start painting. These can be even more useful for individuals who want to attempt to paint complex designs without any prior experience.

Some additional supplies will make life easier

Everything that is needed for the painting will be included in the kits, however, those supplies are only the bare minimum. Here are a few other things that you may find useful:

An apron

Regardless of what type of paint is included in the kit, you should always get ready for the possibility of staining your clothes. The best protection that you can get is an apron, however, if you do not have one, consider wearing an old set of clothes, or at least an old t-shirt.

If the paint does spill on clothing that you want to keep, use the appropriate solvent to clean it. Acrylic paint can be removed using a mix of water and vinegar, washing the clothes as you would regularly remove watercolours, and oil paints require solvents to get out.

However, the golden rule is to always prevent accidents rather than fix them afterwards because there is never a guarantee that the stains will come out completely.

A piece of cloth

You may also need a piece of cloth to properly clean the brushes. Every kit comes with several brushes, however, even then, you will still have to use the same tool to apply different colours. This means that you will need to clean the brushes every time you change colours. While water or a solvent will do the hard part, you should still use a piece of cloth to wipe the brushes and ensure that no pigment remains.

Paper towels

Paper towels can be invaluable tools if you ever apply too much paint to the canvas or if you need to wipe excess paint from the brushes. You could use a piece of cloth for this as well, but paper towels are more affordable and easier to dispose of. They also absorb moisture better, which allows them to draw excess water from the paintbrush before applying paint to them.

A plastic cup or a water glass

Depending on the type of paint that is included in your kit, you will have to choose the appropriate container. If you use acrylic paint or watercolours, a plastic cup will work great. However, if you use oil paint, then it is recommended to use a water glass and fill it with paint solvent.

Always look for a glass with a wider base. It will have more stability and you are less likely to spill it.

A makeup brush cleaner

Makeup brush cleaners are often used by artists to clean their brushes. They are relatively affordable, durable, and can be used with any type of brush. Generally speaking, you only need to use a brush cleaner if you paint with acrylic or watercolours. Oil paint can be easily cleaned from brushes using paint thinner.

A canvas frame that is easy to attach and detach

Canvas frames are great if you want to showcase your paintings. However, they can also be used as a way to support the canvas while it dries. The frame will not only keep the canvas straight and prevent it from bending or wrinkling but also make it easier to move the painting around without worrying that you will smudge it.

These are the main things that beginners should have on hand to make their painting experience more enjoyable. It is highly probable that you already have most of these in your home, and the ones that you don’t have should be affordable and easy to find. Furthermore, you will be able to use most of these several times before you need to replace them.

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