Over the last century, minimalist home design has soared in popularity. And for a good reason. Minimalism is all about simple, purposeful, and environmentally-conscious pieces. Some of the key elements of a minimalist bedroom include neutral colors, natural furniture, and sustainable bedding.

Are you ready to transform your bedroom into a cozy, minimalist dream? Hoping to support sustainable bedding companies? Check out these simple and wholesome bedroom décor ideas!

1. Sustainable Bed Frames

Your bed frame is arguably the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom. It holds your mattress safely off the ground, creates a comfortable place to sleep, and provides a focal point for the rest of your room décor.

As you’re curating your dream bedroom, don’t forget to invest in a beautiful, sustainable bedframe. Look for a frame made with natural or recycled materials, like FSC-certified wood, water-based adhesives, and non-toxic finishes. Choosing a simple frame in a neutral wood shade will ensure that your minimalist theme carries throughout the room.

2. Sustainable Bedding

What’s a sustainable bed frame without sustainable bed sheets? Ordinary bedding is filled with synthetic and unethically harvested materials like down, butadiene, and even formaldehyde. These materials are harmful to industrial workers, our planet, and our bodies.

Don’t wrap yourself in plastic and carcinogens. Instead, snuggle into organic sheets that are breathable, durable, and incredibly soft. Sustainable bedding materials like cotton are linen are ethically grown and harvested with fair labor standards and consumer wellness in mind.

The natural fiber in sustainable bedding also blends beautifully with a minimalist bedroom design. Although you can find natural bedding in bright colors, neutral, cool tones are best for matching a minimalist room. To add extra coziness, top your bed with a luxurious cotton throw blanket!

3. Warm Ambient Lighting

A minimalist bedroom wouldn’t be complete without a soft, ambient lamp. Minimalist design encourages the use of lamps and natural light sources rather than harsh overhead lighting. When it’s dark outside, resist the urge to flip the light switch and instead opt for a lamp that will add comfortable, cozy vibes to your bedroom.

Warm lighting beautifies your space and helps you wind down after a long day. The perfect bedroom lamp should feel like an evening sunset, preparing you for a night of peaceful rest. We’d recommend choosing a lamp in a warm tone, as this mimics the natural sunset and reduces the amount of blue light in your room.

Healthy Planet, Happy Dreams

Choosing to create a minimalist bedroom is one of the best decisions you can make. Minimalist bedrooms are the design of the future because they promote rest and wellness. As people desire less clutter, simpler homes, and a healthier planet, many are turning to sustainable bedding as their first step to a cleaner lifestyle.

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