Got a nice, spacious backyard? Instead of renting an expensive venue or going somewhere to celebrate a special occasion, your backyard makes an excellent option for all sorts of parties, not just a barbecue party! If you’re looking for unique and fun party ideas which can be held in your very own background, this post is for you. So keep reading!

Backyard parties that are perfect for the summer:

Patriotic Party

What could be a more fun way to celebrate the 4th of July than a patriotic party? Hot dogs and burgers on the grill all day long. And when the night comes it’s time for the fireworks! Make sure to have the white, blue and red colors all over, from your tablecloth to the plates, cups, and serving plates. You can print American flags to decorate your backyard. For a hassle-free party, opt for a mix of prepared and quick-cooking foods. Also, don’t forget to ask everyone to dress like famous Americans from history!

Pet Party

Is your furry friend celebrating its birthday soon? Make that day one of the best by throwing a furry party for him! Biscuits, treats, games, presents, and a cake – these are the things you need to make a memorable birthday party for your pet. Your own backyard is the best place for a pet party because you won’t have to worry about the safety and security of your furry companions. Organize some contests that all pets and their owners will surely love! Be sure to have plenty of toys, such as a ball pit for dogs, catnip toys and laser pointers for cats, etc. Make sure to prepare plenty of food for animals and humans too.

Kids Party

Balloons and cake are not enough. If you want a super fun and memorable birthday celebration for your little one, you have to be creative. When organizing a child’s party, the possibilities are endless. And because you have a lot of choices, it can be a daunting task. To make the planning easier, start by deciding on a theme which reflects your child’s interests. For example, if your child is a fan of superheroes, then go ahead and create a Justice League theme. Whatever your theme is, make your party pop by installing inflatable dancers in your backyard. Kids of all ages love to play with that tube guy. Brightly colored air dancers are really captivating and make a perfect background for photo ops!

Wine-Tasting Party

Forget the beer. Whether you are celebrating your wedding anniversary or throwing an engagement party, what could be a more special (and sophisticated) way to celebrate the special occasion than a wine-tasting party? Apart from good-quality wines, you will need several items, such as chalkboard signs, clear glassware, spit buckets, and some décor. For the food, you will have to prepare some biscuits and cheeses, cold cuts, and fruits. The more intimate the party is, the better. So keep it simple yet stylish.

Pool Party

What’s summer without a pool party? Make a big splash by doing something different this time, from the decoration to the activities and food, of course. Again, make the task easier by selecting a theme. Also, don’t think that a pool party is held during the day. You can do it at night too! Whatever your theme is, make sure you spend extra time and effort preparing delicious and summer-inspired dishes to your guests, including summer-themed desserts. For the decoration, you won’t go wrong with inexpensive balloons which you can set up around the pool deck and above the pool. Dancing tube men are also a great addition to your unique and fun pool party.

Backyard Party Tips for a Surefire Success

Whatever party you’re throwing in your backyard, here are some important tips to make it a surefire success:

  • Find enough seating. If your outdoor furniture is not enough, bring out kitchen stools and dining room chairs. You want to make sure everyone is comfortable.
  • Set up a hygiene/wellness outlet. Especially if you’re throwing a pool party, make sure to stack some sunscreen/sunblock, bug spray, and first aid kit just in case. Place citronella candles around the area.
  • Don’t forget the music. A party without music is boring, no matter how great your décor is.
  • Serve icy drinks. It’s hot outside. Your guests will greatly appreciate some icy drinks and refreshments.
  • Make a backup plan. It may rain, you never know. Make sure you have plan B. Consider installing a tent or temporary shed. It’s also great protection against the scorching sunlight.

Your backyard is the best place to host any kind of party. Hope these backyard party ideas will help you pull up fun and unforgettable party. Enjoy!