Renters want a place to call home.

And, the facilities that come with it are just as important to them.

These facilities can be anything – proper electricity, regular water supply or availability of high-speed internet. But what do most renters yearn for? What makes them the happiest?

Don’t fret. We’ve researched these questions and come up with the answers to them.

Read on.

Regular Electricity Supply

Irrespective of the property type, electricity is needed by all. So, you need to ensure there are no frequent power cuts in your tenant’s apartments.

Other electrical issues to take care of include:

  • Properly working light fixtures
  • Well working electrical outlets and switches
  • Repair faulty fuses.
  • No naked wires
  • Inverter and battery setup (if required)

Uninterrupted Water Supply

Water is a part of everyone’s daily needs, and your tenants are no different. The least they’d expect from your property is a proper water supply. This means having constant water pressure and no disruptions due to scheduled or unscheduled maintenance works.

Some of the water-related issues to take care of are:

  • Fixing taps that leak or gush
  • Replacing washers on taps
  • Checking for and repairing any leaks in the piping system
  • Cleaning the water storage tank and chlorinating the water (if required)
  • Regular Pressure Test

A Ceiling Sans Any Cracks or Leakages

A cracking or leaky ceiling can frustrate any tenant. Nobody likes to have a ceiling dropping over their heads. So, make sure that you get the roof and the ceiling inspected and repaired before a new tenant moves in. You can also consider an agency for property management in Monterey CA. They can help you with your property management blues.

Proper Waste Disposal System

The renters would expect the trash removed in time. There needs to be a proper waste disposal system in place, with the right number of bins to dispose of trash. You can also connect with a garbage removal company to get the waste removed from your property.

You must also ensure that the bins are not overflowing with trash and that the roaming animals don’t make a mess of them.

Pest Control

No tenant would like to live amidst insects and rodents. Such pests can enter your rented property through small holes and vents and cause serious health hazards such as typhoid, diarrhea, and more.

Here is what you can do for pest control:

  • Only trust professional services for pest removal services.
  • Spot-check for any pest breeding.
  • Instruct the tenants not to keep the garbage lying outside the property. Tell them to use the dustbins instead.
  • Make sure there are no food items lying around outside the house.

Flooding And Water-Related Issues

If your property is located in an area prone to flooding, you need to take additional care of the renters. Make sure there’s no water accumulation near or around the apartment building. You need to have the drainage system free of any blockages.

Have your plumber check for any leaks in the piping system and get them repaired as soon as possible.

Properly Working Elevators and Fire-emergency Equipment

Tenants prefer a property where they don’t have to climb up and down the stairs all the time. This becomes even more crucial if they stay above the second floor or have elders living with them.

So, you need to ensure that there’s a good elevator in place. The elevator must have a formal service agreement with an elevator company. This is because an accident can prove to be fatal for anyone involved!

The property should also be well-equipped for fire emergencies with all the required equipment in place. This includes having the required number of escape routes, extinguishers, and alarms on your property in case of a fire.


Tenants expect a safe and convenient stay on your property. If you fail to provide them with the most basic facilities, they might be forced to leave and unwillingly look for a new property.

So, a comfortable rented accommodation needs to have all the necessary facilities listed above in place for a tenant to feel at home. We hope these tips help you do just that!

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