Terrariums are the ideal, ancient masterpieces that contribute to your décor’s natural touch, and have an array of practical aspects you probably never thought of.

Rather than simply sitting on your table and complementing your living room, small terrariums work well on office elements, kitchen appliances, and much more.

Wherever you decide to place them, cool terrariums will stimulate dry habitats, and won’t limit your choice of using soils, pebbles, or any other natural elements you think look beautiful.

Since these habitats are pleasant for a variety of plants, you won’t even have to worry how to decorate them.

Besides, there is almost no home décor where terrarium ideas wouldn’t work out.

With a little bit of creativity and free time, you can decorate both your indoors and your outdoors with breathtaking gardens, be those some of your succulent terrarium ideas or larger water gardens.

Terrariums-Are-Ideal-Masterpieces-To-Your-Natural-Decor13 Terrariums Ideas For Your House InteriorsImage source: Reico Kitchen & Bath

You can even combine both, and add some of your best artworks to make the place look magical. Sometimes, all it would take is to place few interesting terrarium jars around, and your part of the work will be done.

While it is absolutely true that rooms need no more than a single houseplant to refresh the air, there is no reason not to go off the bench with a beautiful and unique terrarium.

What we recommend, for instance, is an out-of-the box glassy desk terrarium that has gained incredible popularity in the last years.

The reason is more than obvious – it looks great, doesn’t take time to make, and doesn’t cost anything. If you take good care of it, it will please visitors for decade to come, and will still be the one-of-a-kind piece they can’t buy for themselves as hard as they try.

Defining terrariums

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Generally, terrariums are miniature gardens and natural ecosystems with a variety of plants. They are usually housed indoors, and displayed in glass (or any transparent) container including even old jars and dysfunctional light bulbs.

Plus, terrariums most of the times accommodate dry plants which grow on any type of soil, and can even be placed in moss, sand, or gravel for some extra decoration.

Basically, you’d be making your own small world in a piece of glass, and a lasting masterpiece that can make your living room twice as beautiful and homey.

How to make a stunning terrarium?

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Step 1: Choose your glass container

If you decide to purchase a new vessel from the store make sure there are no stickers and tags, and clean it carefully to avoid residue from affecting the health of the plants. Make a plan, and try to imagine how the plants would look inside.

Step 2: Take a thick layer of rocks or pebbles to cover for the traditional drainage system, and use them as bottom layers.

Step 3: Put some activated charcoal inside. You have every right to be concerned about the mess charcoal can create, but instead if shards, you can use small grains in limited amounts that would simply cover the rocks.

Terrariums-Are-Ideal-Masterpieces-To-Your-Natural-Decor15 Terrariums Ideas For Your House InteriorsImage source: Sindahl

Charcoal is essential for the quality of your plants, as it reduces unpleasant odor, fungi, or dangerous bacteria.

Step 4: Complete with some potting soil. You can either go for a single type or mix several ones. The traditional options are ferns and moss, but you can take a step of the box and replace those with succulents and cacti.

Step 5: Put the plant. The first thing to do here is to remove the plant from its old pot, slowly breaking the soil clots to avoid damaging the rots.

Terrariums-Are-Ideal-Masterpieces-To-Your-Natural-Decor14 Terrariums Ideas For Your House InteriorsImage source: GIA Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations

In case you’ve decided to divide the same plant in several parts, be even more careful, and trim the roots to allow them to grow back.

When placing the roots in their new environment, do it gently, and use a brush, spoon, pencil, or simply your finger. Then, compact the soil base with more soil on the top to make sure the plant can stand firmly.

Unless your container is really thin, try to put the plant as far from the edges as possible, because it may obstruct its growth.

Cool terrarium ideas

Terrariums-Are-Ideal-Masterpieces-To-Your-Natural-Decor3 Terrariums Ideas For Your House InteriorsImage source: SLC Interiors

Instead of restricting imagination to a single desk terrarium, use it to prepare unique and personalized holiday gifts which will show your loved ones how much you care about them, and still won’t make you go off your budget.

You can make a terrarium using water-absorbing materials (cacti or succulent), or skip the trouble with life ferns. The container can either be a special vessel, or a nicely repurposed DIY jar. You decide!

Faux terrariums

If terrariums sound like a great idea, but you’d still skip taking care of plants inside, you can always design a wonderful, yet faux terrarium.

For instance, you can decorate an old jar or a lantern with pinecones and wooden mushrooms, all disposed on faux moss. In this case, your terrarium will need neither water nor natural light.

Ornamental terrariums

Terrariums-Are-Ideal-Masterpieces-To-Your-Natural-Decor4 Terrariums Ideas For Your House InteriorsImage source: Ashley Camper Photography

The great thing about terrariums is that there are no rules: any boring ornament made of glass can easily become one, as long as it is clear and reasonably large.

The local thrift shop will probably offer some suitable vessels, but there is no need to spend on something we either way all have at home.

Take it, fill it with soil, and choose the ideal plants that would complement the look. As simple as that!

Water garden terrariums

Terrariums-Are-Ideal-Masterpieces-To-Your-Natural-Decor5 Terrariums Ideas For Your House InteriorsImage source: Fun House Furnishings & Design

If you have the possibility, always choose a live terrarium over a faux one. Firstly, it looks more elegant and beautiful, and secondly, beautifies every area where you place it.

The ideal scenario we thought of is placing a bowl with water, rocks, potting soils and charcoal, and displaying few beautiful water plants on your working desk.

Sculptural glass terrariums

Terrariums-Are-Ideal-Masterpieces-To-Your-Natural-Decor16 Terrariums Ideas For Your House InteriorsImage source: Madison Modern Home

If you have a sculptural glass jar, half of the problem is already solved. With some soil and a beautiful plant, you’ll ensure an unusual and unique terrarium.

Terrariums in magnetic containers

Terrariums-Are-Ideal-Masterpieces-To-Your-Natural-Decor6 Terrariums Ideas For Your House InteriorsImage source: Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.

The best thing about cacti and succulent as your terrarium materials is that they don’t really need soil and water, which is how extra tiny containers are still an option for every housewife.

Sometimes, you can get the look by simply filling a container with clear lid, and layering down soil, rocks, and/or charcoal.

However, try to limit the varieties to plants that store little amount of waters, and arrange small pebbles around them for extra decoration.

Next, take some rare earth magnet pieces and fix them on any metal surface in the background for an amazing effect.

Less-is-More terrariums

Terrariums-Are-Ideal-Masterpieces-To-Your-Natural-Decor7 Terrariums Ideas For Your House InteriorsImage source: abodwell interior design- Brittney Fischbeck

The minimalism trend didn’t surpass terrariums, which is why most modern households today opt for a simple and easy-to-maintain solution.

This is also great for people who don’t have enough time to craft large gardens and to take care of plants, as all they need to do is to take a glass container, fill it with cacti and succulent, add their favorite palm and cactus mix, and decorate with colorful rocks. Impressive, isn’t it?

Orchid terrariums

Knowing that orchids flourish in humid environments, there is no need to exclude them from our water terrarium. This solution is simply the classic of sophisticated home décor.

Tin terrariums

Terrariums-Are-Ideal-Masterpieces-To-Your-Natural-Decor8 Terrariums Ideas For Your House InteriorsImage source: Romanelli & Hughes Custom Home Builders

Imagine a tiny garden in an even tinier tin: how more creative can you be? Give your old Altoids mint tin a new purpose, or use any other roll-top can you have at home.

First, apply a tiny layer of soil and add the succulent seedlings. If you have space left, complete the looks with sand or moss.

Terrariums in old kettles

This is another classic, don’t you agree? There are many ways to revamp an old kettle, but a magnificent terrarium is definitely the best one!

The shape is just cut for small to middle-sized plants, and the looks are pleasant enough to beautify any of your rooms.

Coffee cup terrariums

If looking to craft the perfect terrarium for your desk, you can convert and old glass cup into a cure containers, and add some moss, gravel, and twigs.

Put few little plants inside, and keep them watered and fresh to ensure their color is still there.

Asian-inspired terrariums

Terrariums-Are-Ideal-Masterpieces-To-Your-Natural-Decor17 Terrariums Ideas For Your House InteriorsImage source: Landy Plante Interiors

Terrariums are an important part of Eastern decoration culture, so browse for some genuine samples to bring the energizing vibe inside your living room or kitchen.

Seashell terrariums

Being completely honest, the more natural a terrarium is the more beautiful and genuine it will look, so why not making yours in a seashell (nuts or similar hard-sided shells work well too!)?

These solutions are ideal for coast-side homes where shells can actually be found, and then filled with sand or soil, and beautified with dry plants.

Themed terrariums

Terrariums-Are-Ideal-Masterpieces-To-Your-Natural-Decor11 Terrariums Ideas For Your House InteriorsImage source: Amato Design LLC

Why not attaching a ‘story’ to that beautiful terrarium that took hours to make? It can be your accessory of joy, fun, or happiness, and all of that is possible with several small figurines!

Even when your tiny garden hides in a jar, and plants lie there surrounded by dirt and grass, you can beautify them more with miniature toys glued next to each other on faux/real rocks.

This terrarium can be the perfect decoration for a child’s room.

Larger lamp terrariums

Lamp terrariums are excellent for people who have extra space and time to invest in them, or who are looking to genuinely impress a person with their gift.

For a terrarium like this, you’ll need a bigger glass container where you add soil and rocks, and more of your preferred leafy greens to fill the space.

Our suggestion is to choose low-light and low-heat source of light, so that the lamp won’t damage the plants or make you spend extra electricity.

Complete artificial gardens

If you have the time and the space, make a collection of pinecones, moss, and similar organics, and create a seemingly ‘messy’ terrarium resembling the spontaneity of real forests.

Mounted terrariums

Who said terrariums succeed only in classic jars and on firm backgrounds?

Yours, for instance, can hang from the wall, as long as you have a solid hook to support the globe and the soil, sand, moss, and charcoal that is inside.

From the examples we’ve seen here and there, we are particularly fond of stone-and-shell hanging terrariums, but those once again need a very solid hook to remain where they are.

Healthy, green tea terrariums

Terrariums-Are-Ideal-Masterpieces-To-Your-Natural-Decor9 Terrariums Ideas For Your House InteriorsImage source: Adrienne DeRosa

There is nothing wrong with adding some extra usability to your terrarium by planting herbs you could later use to improve your health.

For idea, you can use them to plant lotuses (flows on water’s surfaces), or an entire biota of healthy teas growing right on your kitchen countertop.

Desert-inspired terrariums

Terrariums-Are-Ideal-Masterpieces-To-Your-Natural-Decor12 Terrariums Ideas For Your House InteriorsImage source: The Shade Store

If looking to craft a desert-like terrarium, fill the container with sand, cacti, or succulents.

Terrariums made of cake stands

Did it ever cross your mind that your cake holder can have an extra use besides the regular one? It did to us, and we transformed one into a fully-grown and fully-functional terrarium.

Cake holders are large and beautiful enough for you to display the genuine essence of nature’s ecosystems, and to host bigger plants that simply won’t fit your jars and containers.

Ending thoughts

Terrariums-Are-Ideal-Masterpieces-To-Your-Natural-Decor10 Terrariums Ideas For Your House InteriorsImage source: Kendle Design Collaborative

Looking for trendy and inspiring ideas to make your home more beautiful?

As of today, trends simply impose to homeowners to ‘cluster’ plants and living organisms in classy, glass containers, at least those that can afford to give them the sunlight and the water they need.

Luckily, there is an array of amazing DIY terrariums that could inspire you to craft one, and to ensure your home is greener and fresher than before.

Terrariums can be both natural and artificial (choose the first option if you have the possibility), they fit in whatever glassy container you have available, and can be filled with regular soil and almost all types of combinations.

They may take your time, but certainly not your money! So what are you waiting for?

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