When it comes to interior design in the US, two major trends that are holding sway seem contradictory, yet complement each other surprisingly well: luxury industrial aesthetics and nature-inspired interiors. These days, discerning homeowners are just as likely to opt for brick walls and other industrial features in a New York loft as they are in a modern Texas ranch. If you have bought land or a home in Texas and you’re keen on designing modern, appealing interiors, why not find inspiration from some of Texas’ top designers?

Industrial Chic

Industrial elements such as metal, exposed bricks, and raw concrete wood are just a few elements of this trend, seen in the work of Texan designers like Emily Summers Design Associates. The coolness of metal materials such as steel are married to the warmth of wood. In this trend, chic decorative pieces such as hanging pendant lamps containing wheel or engine-inspired elements are paired with abstract modern art pieces, steel framing on windows and exposed duct work on ceilings for gleaming yet inviting interiors that pay homage to the industrial revolution and the rise of machine-inspired artistry.

Eco-Friendly Interiors

Revered designers like Marie Flanigan are relying on natural materials like wood for wood-beamed ceilings, signature furniture pieces, and flooring as a way to marry the indoors and outdoors and celebrate the healing effects of nature. This is a particular popular décor style among those purchasing Texas land with a view to building modern ranches, complete with underfloor heating, floor to ceiling windows, and high ceilings. The key is to let floods of natural light in while allowing home dwellers to enjoy the beauty of the magnificent Texas landscape. Outdoor wooden-decked porches are a magnificent spot from which to view features such as live water estates, rolling hilltops, and carefully manicured gardens that celebrate the wonder of outdoor living.

Vintage Vibes

One beautiful way to bring warmth into a home is to fill it with antique pieces that hark back to past times. Emily Summers is famed for softening the hardness of modern interiors with artistic vintage features that make great conversation topics and form part of important art and décor collections. Jan Showers is another Texan visionary that finds her inspiration in old films, books, and the work of designers of old. Her simple yet cozy spaces are filled with touches such as old standing bookcases, animal-print fabric antique chairs, and art-deco style sun mirrors in metallic hues such as pewter.

Texan designers manage to blend the very best of modern and old-world glamor with interiors that contain a clever mix of styles. From raw wooden beamed ceilings and floors paired with concrete central walls, to exposed brick contrasting with delicate antique pieces, their work is a celebration of the wonder of art, industry and nature. If you are planning to design the ranch or city home of your dreams in Texas, check out their work, and find inspiration for your own dream interiors.