The ways we cook and eat food in the US are as varied as the people that inhabit our country.

There are few places in the world where you can get authentic dishes that originate from opposite parts of the planet on the same city street.

The wide variety of cuisine that we have adopted into our culture is one of the many things that makes our nation wonderful. It is estimated that enough food is being consumed in the US on average to work out to almost 2,000 pounds per person each year.

Here are some of the most popular choices that hungry restaurant patrons make when eating at a sit-down restaurant.

Comfort Food

Food like mom or grandma used to make can take a person back to the better days of their childhood, before responsibilities and stress.

A warm and hearty meal has the ability to ease tension after a long day or a distressing event, which definitely plays a part in the success of diners and soul food spots. There’s little a plate of meatloaf, mashed potatoes with gravy, and macaroni and cheese with a side of cornbread can’t fix.

The familiar seating, friendly atmosphere, and menu choices make family restaurants some of the most frequented establishments anywhere. You can find restaurant booths for sale from restaurant-furniture if you wish to go down this route.

Overly-complicated and sometimes pretentious eateries get a lot of attention in media, but places like Waffle House stay packed by serving simple dishes at reasonable prices.

Farm to Table

the-plough-london The 3 Most Popular Cuisines to Consider for Your Restaurant

More people are becoming involved with how their food is made and where it comes from, leading to a boom in restaurants that feature locally-sourced ingredients.

The environmental impact that industrial farming has been allowed to have is becoming impossible to ignore, contributing to the rise of global Co2 levels and pollution in lakes and waterways. Transporting food across the country or even across the globe burns up a lot of fuel and money.

atx-cocina-michael-hsu The 3 Most Popular Cuisines to Consider for Your Restaurant

To have a smaller impact on the environment and support the local industry, many people are beginning to see the importance of eating food produced from the farms and gardens native to them.

Restricting yourself to local meats and produce can limit the range of dishes you could potentially offer, but you’ll gain a lot of clout with clients and you’ll be doing your part to help the environment.


The standard fare of burgers, pizza, and sandwiches can get boring if that’s all one can find in your area. When you want something different and new, food from another part of the world can calm that craving. Ethnic eateries are growing in popularity as people demand more varied cuisine options.

It is advised to stay true to the heart of your cuisine of choice, but don’t be afraid to make modifications to make your dishes more appealing to the American palette.

It is important to make your guests comfortable when trying something new: well-written descriptions of menu items is a must if you expect to sell anything besides the most well-known dishes.

People eat out to not only fuel their body, but to have an experience with friends and family.

Whatever cuisine you decide to go with for your new business, be sure to stay focused on providing high quality service and dishes foremost. Whether you’re addressing a creative desire or an emotional need for patrons, be sure to research which options are best for your exact audience.