If you are renovating your home, or building a new one, it is probably overwhelming to think about how many doors you have in your home, and the style you want to go with. The average home in the United States has ten doors, and the big house of the US, the one that is white in color? Well, that house has 412 doors! With 132 rooms and six levels to accommodate the first family and all who work there, and with many rooms having more than one door (we’ve all seen video footage of the oval office and multiple doors), well, yes, that’s a lot of doors.

In reality, you are likely dealing with just ten doors, but that doesn’t make the decision-making process any easier. From your front door which gives off that first impression, to your bathroom door, to your pantry door, design does matter.

So, what are the five trendiest door designs of 2019?

  1. The barn door – Barn doors are increasing exponentially in popularity. While these doors were originally designed for practically for use in, well, barns, because of their functionality. Barn doors can be placed on any wall, on a sliding track, and are far more durable than pocket doors which can often be made of flimsy material, not to mention that the wall within which the door “hides” is not nearly as strong due to its hollow finish. And, since barn doors don’t need to swing out or in to allow entry or exit, they can be used in much narrower spaces. Yet another benefit is that when left open (or closed) they provide an excellent focal point within a room.
  1. Natural wood – Natural wood doors continue to be popular, and trending, for both interior and front-entry doors. In fact, it is not uncommon to see homeowners simply updating their entry-doors with wood, replacing the previous composite door, and creating an entirely new street presence in the process. Natural wood doors provide a plethora of options so that homeowners can complement their love of wood with a style that matches the home. From classic to colonial, from Georgian to plantation, and many more styles in between, you can absolutely find the right wood door for you.
  1. Glass doors – Glass doors are great for creating an illusion of space and light. Especially popular for homes that have great views, glass doors help the outdoors, come indoors. Glass doors are beautiful, as they also provide a very sleek and modern look, which does great with a contemporary design.
  1. Pivot doors – Pivot doors provide a super sleek and elongating look, but are also practical in their function. These doors swing on a spindle instead of on hinges that are affixed to a door frame. Heavier in construction, pivot doors are great for large spaces or when you really want to make a statement. These doors provide a great look both for interior doors separating two large spaces, or as a back-door option, leading out onto a deck, patio, or veranda.
  1. Flush doors – Flush doors have a flat surface, usually only adorned with the doorknob, and are generally constructed out of a blockboard material, then covered in a smooth wood veneer. Most flush doors are very economically priced due to the minimalist materials, and are thus also relatively easy to install since they are light in weight. Also, the majority of flush doors are chemically-treated to repel termites and fungal growth.

Selecting the right door

When selecting the right door style for you home, consider these quick questions:

  • Will the door style I select work for every room in the home (i.e., bathrooms, bedrooms, pantry, etc.?)
  • Do I want a variety of doors, with perhaps a glass or barn door separating large rooms, and then more traditional wood doors for the rest of the home?
  • How tall are the ceilings?
  • What type of flooring is in the home?
  • What is the size of the home?
  • Which way will the door swing? In most cases, doors swing into the room, unless using a barn door or pocket door, or a swing door which will rotate into both spaces.
  • Do you want a painted door or a natural wood look?
  • How durable do your doors need to be? Thickness and material is important to consider as doors help to block and absorb sound. Thicker doors can bring added benefit to homes with young children who are less gentle with doors, or who need a completely silent place at bedtime.

Remember, your doors are a significant investment in your home, and in most cases, will endure daily use, sometimes many, many times per day. Therefore, the construction and durability requires careful consideration. And when you don’t think through the style, you could find yourself quite disappointed when you don’t achieve the look you had so desired.