Spring cleaning isn’t like any other type of cleaning you have been doing all year long. Reason? Because it’s at this time that homeowners get to pay specific attention even to areas they have been avoiding.

While this is a good thing, it’s the overload that comes with it, which can be overwhelming thus making you skip other vital spaces. So if you’re preparing yourself for this sort of tidying up, then you are reading the right article. We are going to take you through some of the common areas that are often forgotten to help you remain watchful. Keep scrolling!

Under The Sinks

photo-1542020186-c952a6c4045a The Areas We Ignore During Spring Cleaning and Shouldn't

The top of your sink might be sparkling but its underneath might not be enjoying the same privilege. This is because they are among the most ignored spots during cleaning. You see, individuals have a habit of assuming that everything is in order once they see and use a clean sink. And both the bathroom and kitchen sinks are the number one victims of this. So why not try avoiding repeating this mistake over spring? You will be shocked at the amount of mold and stains you have been neglecting down there.

The Kitchen Counter/Stove Backsplash Area

Your kitchen might seem spotless, but if you haven’t paid attention to the backsplash area lately, then it isn’t as 100% as you would want it to be. The thing is, as you cook, stir sauces, cut vegetables, so it’s normal if those juices, and some pieces, find themselves at the backsplash. Hence, leading to uncommon piling up of grease and splatters with time. Therefore, as you clean, remember to wipe and declutter. This should also apply to the bathroom counters as so much dirt can find their way behind the faucets.

The Undersides Of Your Furniture

It’s much easier to wipe the tables, chairs and stands on a daily basis or at least every so often. But like the sinks, it’s the exact opposite when it comes to their undersides. The fact is, they hub much more dust-dirt and food particles than you can ever imagine. So while you have been busy ensuring your home remains dust and dirt-free, you have been unknowingly neglecting where you should start with, in the first place. This is important especially if you have small children, as they tend to wipe their dirty hands or free themselves of any remaining food from the mouth/plate there. Also, it will be a miracle if you don’t come across some dried up gum down there as well.

However, if this seems like so much work for you; turning chairs, tables, and cleaning, then you should consider hiring cleaning experts. According to Tidy Casa, one of the leading home cleaning and maid service providers in Phoenix, cleaning by yourself can be quite frustrating especially if you’re always busy. Therefore, if this seems like an excellent option, go for ones that offer high quality and hassle-free services with a money back guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied with their work.

Those Small Appliances

Every home has its share of large and small appliances. While most cleaning attention is paid to the bigger ones, obviously because of their unignorable size, the small ones (toasters, coffee makers, water boilers) suffer from lack of it. Hence, as time goes by, you might notice building up of grease splashes and splatters. Take time to open the lids and clean from inside to the outside. This will save your entire household from food and water contamination. Besides, it doesn’t take up a lot of time.

Dish/Laundry Washer And Dryer

There is usually a common misconception that goes around in most households that since the dish and the laundry washer do the job of cleaning other things, they themselves don’t get dirty. If you’re among this group, then you’re totally mistaken. Take time to peep inside and you will be surprised by the number of old foods, mold, and rust you will notice. They might also not smell fresh. So add some vinegar and let it run.

When it comes to the dryers, remember to inspect the vent to ensure it doesn’t hub any rodents. Also, make a habit of removing the lint after each cycle. Shouldn’t be difficult, right?

Achieving thorough cleanliness of your home means that you have to go beyond the obvious spots and pay much attention to the ignored ones. This is especially important when it comes to your spring-cleaning plans. So if you didn’t know some of these areas, we hope the above list gives you some light. But this list isn’t exhaustive, so don’t shy away from finding out more by yourself. Happy Cleaning!