When was the last time you looked at your outdoor blinds. Like, really looked at them?

If you can’t remember then it has been too long, and you may be missing a huge opportunity to add value to your property.

Your choice should be driven by what is going to keep your home protected, but also what style is going to be right for the home.

Design and practicality are often not discussed in the same conversation, but given these won’t be changed for another lifetime make sure you follow this guide before you choose.


If you have been out of the game for a while, a fair bit has changed.

Blinds and awnings no longer lay dormant but in fact work for you, altering as you see fit. The folding arm awnings are a particularly popular feature, as they give you freedom to entertain outdoors all year round without the threat of the sun and rain ruining your plans.

They are also a compact design so that your guests are not tripping on ropes and backing into ill-places poles.

Hardy material

Everything appears sturdy on the day of installation. But after a few sunny summers and relentless storm seasons, your outdoor blinds can waste away and need to be replaced more often than you would like.

Materials like aluminium and resilient fabric will stand the test of time, and while the wood design may look appealing if will crack and misshapen in the sometimes unrelenting Australian seasons.

Ask the provider the warranty period and how many years you can expect to get out of the product. It may be more cost effective to pay more for a durable product then to go with the bargain that needs replacing too soon.

Appropriate colour

color The Awning Almanac - A Guide to Choosing Outdoor Blinds

Choosing a colour is sure to stimulate debate in the home. Best practice is to usually abandon what your favourite colour is, and to lead with what will suit the home and stand the test of trends and time.

Neutral tones are often the best bet, and as it is for your outdoor be mindful of dark colours fading. Ask your provider for examples of each colour and swatches if they are readily available.

These outdoor blinds will be the backdrop for every celebration you enjoy in your entertaining space, so make sure you choose the right colour for your home.

Trust the experts

Price or quality? You know the answer. You are not selecting a duster or a mop here. You are choosing a product that will protect your family from sun and rain and will set the scene for your outdoor entertaining space.

Using trusted suppliers will give you peace of mind that the outdoor blinds will go the distance, and if they don’t they will be swiftly replaced and taken care of.

Knowing who sold you your blinds, how they are installed and when you should have them checked out will give your outdoor blinds longevity. Avoid the sales and too-good-to-be-true prices, otherwise you will pay for it.


Choosing and installing something that will add value to your home is always a fun chore.

Each time you sit outside with a good book and a morning tea, you will want to gaze up knowing you have selected the right style for your home. Practicality, quality and longevity should be key drivers in your decision, so start researching!