Whether you are creating a traditional kitchen look or something more modern, there are many reasons why a wooden kitchen worktop is a perfect choice. Not only to give durability but also to add effortless style, grace and character to your home.

Durable and strong

Each wood worktop has unique grain patterns and lines, which combine to create a robust, durable surface, that will easily stand up to the rigours of the busy modern home. This natural material is perfect for adding a welcoming, homely tactile feel to your kitchen and, if well cared for, can last a lifetime. Gaining in character and charm as the year’s pass and your memories are created.

They are unique

The wood worktops are available in a vast range of styles and timbers, each with distinctive properties, grain patterns and age lines to fit your individual design, space and cabinet choice.

Every worktop is unique, from the lightest Ash and Oak to the darkest Wenge and Iroko woods. Each timber’s unique characteristics will add something slightly different to your kitchen design.

The woods can be paired with similarly toned cabinets to create a light, airy feel or contrasting colours to make an eye-catching centrepiece to your home.

Easy to maintain 

Many worktops will age over time and begin to look sad, tired and worn. However, a solid wood worktop will age gracefully, deepening in colour and gaining character and charm as the years pass. They are easy to maintain and cared for and have natural antibacterial properties which is perfect for a food preparation area.

If any dents, scrapes and stains do occur, they can be easily polished or sanded out to give your worktop a pristine finish again.

From sustainable sources

Wood is an excellent option as we all become more aware of our purchases’ impact on the environment. It can be harvested from certified, sustainably managed forests, creating a future renewable resource. It will also last a lifetime and can be reused to extend its life further, making it a great environmentally friendly option.

Easy to cut and install

Whether you use a bespoke cutting service or a qualified tradesperson, a wood worktop is quick and easy to cut and install. This will allow you to get the perfect fit and create a stunning finish to your design.

Sound reducing

Whilst many types of worktops can be echoey and reverberate noise around an area, the natural fibres in the wood absorb sound and help create a calm, relaxing, serene space for cooking, entertaining and family life.

As you can see, there are many benefits to having a wood worktop for your home over the other options available. Not only for durability, character and style but also its unique charm. A wood worktop will allow you to create an area which is more than just a place to cook.

It can give a welcoming feel to your home, creating a unique place where people naturally gravitate to relax, eat and spend time together.

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