Taking a refreshing dip is not for everyone. In addition, good preparation is essential for everyone. After all, taking an ice tub is very cold and your body is not used to these cold temperatures. We would like to go through a number of preparation steps with you, so that you can enjoy a carefree ice tub.

Make sure your body is warm

First of all, it is important to feel your own body temperature. You should never step into an ice tub when you are feeling cold, make sure your body is at the right temperature. Doing a few exercises, going for a walk, or making a fanatical effort in some other ways will automatically warm you up. Don’t get into the bath if you are sick since your body won’t be able to get warm that easily again.

Focusing on your breathing

Focusing and breathing are the keys to success when taking an ice tub. It is important to focus fully and make sure you have complete control of your breathing. Strong perseverance and good technique is needed to be able to perform and especially to complete a session in the ice tub. In addition, discipline is very important; after all, you will have to step into the ice tub yourself.

Thermal clothing

Your feet and hands can get cold very quickly in the ice tub. A number of accessories will help you to last longer in the ice tub. You can think of a pair of thermos pants and socks. In this way you will last longer in the ice tub.

Building up to it slowly

We recommend starting with the lower part of your body. Because of the cold water your body can be in a state of shock, so make sure you lower your body gently and that you are never alone. If you are used to the cold temperatures of the ice tub, you may choose to take it a step further. Immerse your body up to your shoulders. Always listen to your own body; do what you are comfortable with and if you find it too cold, then leave the ice tub. If you want to go a step further, you can choose to submerge your head in the cold water as well. Here it is important to take a few deep breaths and then also to continue to focus on your breathing.

The effect

The purpose of the ice tub is relaxation and pushing your limits. After a number of ice tub sessions you will notice that you have become mentally and physically stronger. This is partly due to the complete focus on your breathing and the relaxation. Every muscle in your body needs to experience rest; so make sure your body doesn’t cramp up when you take a seat in the ice tub.

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