If you’re deciding to embark on the adventure of redoing the interior of your home, hiring an interior designer could be the best decision you’ll make in the process. Entirely redesigning your home, or designing it as part of a new build, takes a lot of thought, decision-making, design know-how, and expertise. Crafting a look that matches your vision can be a challenge if done on your own. While many things can be DIYed, designing your home probably shouldn’t be one of them. Bringing an interior designer onto your team will help you out in some substantial ways. Here are the top four benefits of hiring a luxury interior designer in Austin, TX.

They’re Extremely Knowledgeable

white-wooden-modular-kitchen-1643384 The Benefits of Hiring A Luxury Interior Designer For Your Home

Interior designers are not just people who have a good design sense. They’ve gone to college, gotten a degree in interior design, and passed a national exam. The qualifications to be a full-fledged interior designer ensure that the person you hire will have an incredibly large knowledge base. You probably have a vague idea about what items go together or what the layout of a room should look be. Interior designers, on the other hand, know without a doubt what items pair well together and how the layout of a room will best serve the function of your home. They’ve studied design, architecture, and color theory, among other relevant areas, to ensure adequate knowledge in designing a space that will at once be highly functional and stunning in its design.

They’ll Execute Your Vision

It’s one thing to have an idea of the way you want your home to look. It’s another thing entirely to know how to execute that vision. What paint do you need? What style of chairs, couch, kitchen cupboards, and décor? The questions are endless when you begin the designing process, and the bigger a blank canvas you have, the more questions you’ll need to answer.

turned-on-gray-flat-screen-smart-tv-1571459 The Benefits of Hiring A Luxury Interior Designer For Your Home

Interior designers have made it their profession to make your living space look fantastic. For every question you have, they have an answer along with several more suggestions. They know what will complete a rustic farmhouse look or a shabby chic wonderland without making it look too Victorian. They’ll be able to take your concepts and your vision and create a cohesive picture that brings your entire look to bear throughout your dream home.

They’ll Save You Time

Life is busy. You have work, friends, a social life, kids, and endless demands from your side hustle, hobbies, and non-profit activities. The last thing you have time for is answering contractor questions, calling furniture companies, checking on stock numbers, and scheduling deliveries. Interior designers, however, make it their job to do these things. While you will need to confirm details such as when you’ll be home for a delivery, they will remove the majority of time-consuming tasks off of your to-do list.

Interior designers have the connections necessary to inquire into the furniture you need, flooring desired, and unique accents for your wall that can only be found in one location on the east coast. They’ll take the time to coordinate and organize as much as possible for you, so you don’t have to take precious time out of your already packed schedule to do it yourself.

They’ll Solve Problems

Solving problems is an interior designer’s superpower. Experiencing hiccups in a design and renovation project is not unusual. It takes a lot of work and coordination to make sure plumbing is set up correctly, the electric is wired properly, and the crown molding isn’t installed before the painter arrives. When problems arise, the people you’ve contracted with will probably turn to you to solve them. Thankfully, your interior designer is one phone call away. They’re pros at solving problems, figuring out what needs to be done to straighten them out, and will get your project back on track. Knowing that you have a major problem-solver on your team will take a huge amount of stress off your shoulders so you can focus on the things in life that matter most. When it comes down to it, hiring an interior designer is like having a secret weapon for your interior design project.