Appliances have made our daily house chores easy for us to accomplish. But there are some challenges when purchasing them such as considering how high are you going to shell out for a particular one. Luckily, there are seasonal windows you can use to take advantage of to save on the costs of these items. Different items are on sale each on season so you should watch out for these promotions or clearance sales to make the most of your resources.

Here are some of the items that are most likely to be on sale for each season:


1.  Furniture

In January and July, stores are trying to clear their inventory to make space for their new models. You can get up to a 60% discount around this time if you make the rounds to find the best bargain.

2.  Storage (January and August)

In January, after the holidays, stores put out more of these items to give people a place to keep their gifts. At this time, the stores rush to make more sales when people are still willing to purchase items.

August is a time when retailers offer discounts and free shipping on organizing items, shelves, and storage baskets. They are eyeing on parents preparing their children going to college or just getting a start on the new school year.

3.  Flooring

During the holiday season until the middle of January, people tend to take a break from their remodeling projects to spend time with their families. This becomes a time for retailers to chase down customers with attractive deals.


1.  Pressure Washers

If you’re thinking of re-decorating the outside of your house, you might want to consider cleaning it first. Be sure to choose the best pressure washer in the market, in order to achieve your desired outcome. You can learn a lot from online reviews on DIY tools, it can give you an idea of what a suitable washer for your needs. For this item, you can get the best deals in April.

2.  Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

It is during the months when there is a moderate temperature where stores give great deals on HVAC systems. This also happens in October and November in places where the temperature doesn’t drastically drop prior to winter. Installers also chime in with lower prices on installations with free upgrades or other freebies.

3.  Snow blowers and Vacuum

Snowblowers are a perfect example of the good deals for tools during the months where you don’t need it. In March and April, retailers often give discounts to snowblowers as they just occupy space in the house or in the yard.

Vacuums tend to have a sale in April or May in time for spring cleaning. Newer models usually come in June, so the stores are clearing up space for them.


1.  Lawn Mowers

During this time it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get big discounts, but you’ll have more options for yourself. As snow blowers are quickly being replaced by lawnmowers, stores offer discounts to stay competitive with the other retailers.

2.  Power Tools (also in December)

They are perfect gifts on Father’s day so it’s no surprise stores give discounts in June as well as in December.


1.  Appliances (except Refrigerators)

With the coming holidays, the Black Friday sale is a good time to purchase appliances for both last year’s and this year’s model. You can also wait until the holidays to purchase multiple items.

2.  Paint

As temperature drops, so as the prices for paints along with its demand. So during fall and in winter, you can buy paint at lower prices than in spring or summer time.

The rule of thumb here is that you purchase an appliance or tool in the season where there is less demand for it. Or you buy just before a newer model is to be released. Last year’s model doesn’t necessarily mean it’s of less quality, especially for quality brands. If you know how to plan your schedule of replacing old tools, you’ll definitely get a bargain when it’s on sale. If you’re planning a purchase because you don’t have one then you’d better wait for these seasonal sales.