Suffering from a leak you can’t fix by yourself? It may be tempting to put it off and just live with it for a while, especially if you need to gather the funds for a fix. But before you do, here’s the best time to call a plumber, so you know when to avoid putting it off.

When Are Plumbers at Their Busiest?

Plumbers will usually be at their busiest during the winter months. This is because the colder weather can interfere with the water in pipes. At worst, it can cause water to freeze, causing a blockage. The blockage could then get progressively worse until it leads to a burst pipe.

This can commonly happen around or after Christmas if the large amounts of food and surge in visitors over the holidays put an extra strain on your plumbing. Try not to dispose of food down the drain and instead bin it if you can.

The busiest months are November and December, with many people deciding to get plumbing work done in time for Christmas, so if you’ve noticed the beginning of any problem try to get a plumber before then.

Getting a Plumber in Summer

Although winter is the busiest time, summer can be similarly hectic as well. The dry weather is perfect to do home improvements in, whether that’s DIY, getting professionals in, or a mixture of both if the DIY attempt goes awry. So be aware if you keep putting off getting work done, don’t delay it until the busy seasons.

Finding a Plumber

Even during the busy months, you should be able to find an available plumber. Just search for plumbers near me to find local services in your area, don’t forget to read reviews and check that they can perform the service you require.

The Best Time of Day

Is there a best time of day to call a plumber? Depending on the individual company or plumber, the service rate may or may not be different at different times. Generally, standard work hours on weekdays between 8am and 5pm will be the cheapest if your chosen company does alter prices for different hours. The best thing to do is contact them for a quote.

There are many 24-hour plumbing services, so you should be able to find a plumber nearby for whatever time, especially for emergencies.

Signs You Should Call a Plumber

Some issues you may be able to solve yourself, or at least fix temporarily until a plumber can be called out. But there are some problems where you’ll need an emergency plumber right away…

Serious Leaks or Gushing Water

Any kind of leak should not be left for too long, water damage can get costly, so once you notice a leak you can’t solve yourself, start making arrangements to get a plumber out as soon as possible. A severe leak of gushing water that you can’t stop means it’s time to call the emergency plumber. Even taps that won’t turn off can be a flooding risk (and may lead to high water bills if you’re on a meter).

Discoloured Water

If your water becomes any other colour than clear, you’ll need to call a plumber out to inspect the pipes and find the source of the problem. Obviously during this time you should not drink from taps until the problem is solved.

Blocked Toilet

If you cannot unblock the toilet yourself, you’ll need a professional to investigate. A blocked toilet can be a health hazard so it’s as good as any other excuse to call a plumber out for.

No Water

Having no clean water supply at all also counts as an emergency (though if you can wait it out until standard hours, pricing may be better).

Call a Plumber Today

Even during the busiest times, finding a plumber shouldn’t be too hard, you might just have to wait a bit. Plumbing problems can’t often be predicted but still, knowing the right time to get work done will be a big benefit as it allows you to plan things a bit more strategically and perhaps be more cautious with your plumbing during those busy times.

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