Do you want to know about the best washing lines that are on sale in 2021? If so, then this post is for you. There are many different types of washing lines available, but they all have their pros and cons. We will go over some of the best ones below, and explain why we think they’re worth your time. This article should help you make a decision when it comes to what type of laundry line best suits your needs!

What is a washing line and why do I need one

A washing line is a tool used for hanging laundry to dry. It hangs from an overhanging structure like the roof, the side of a building, or in some rare cases from trees. Although you may be able to hang your laundry anywhere if there’s no where else, you’ll find that owning a line will save time and energy when washing clothes because it can function as both your drying rack and storage rack when not in use. The length of the line should exceed that of the width so that you can fold clothes across its entire span; this not only helps with handling lines but also makes sure more items are getting ample air circulation.

Types of lines available today

There are a wide variety of clotheslines available to choose from. Some popular models on the market today include retractable clotheslines, clothes pulleys and cordless drip dryers. Some people in apartments may opt for a retractable clothing line that folds up without taking up much room; others may prefer an outdoor clothesline such as the wood-framed “pulley model.” The most attractive option, especially in neighborhoods with hostile restrictions on outdoor caretaking, is probably the air drying cordless drip dryer–a conceptual device allowing one to hang garments over a rod or decoy which can be purchased at the store.

How to choose the right type of line for your needs

There are two main types of clotheslines: retractable and manual. Manual clotheslines require a lot less investment, labor and space than most other line styles – which often make them the preferred choice for homeowners worried about their budget. Retractable lines allow homeowners to quickly remove the line as needed without the need for an everyday set up, while still providing a safe place to dry clothes in inclement weather or during power outages along with all of the benefits that come with convenience of an indoor laundry center.

Here are few of the best washing lines for you to consider:

Fold Down


The Eco 300 is one of the best-selling fold down clothesline that can be installed in most locations around your home due to multiple depth variations, and is perfect for narrow areas. Starting at 600mm reaching up to 1500mm in depth.


  • Highly customizable as it is made to order
  • Solid and durable steel construction
  • Perfect for individuals or families
  • Wall or free standing (optional ground kit available)
  • Available in 10 colors
  • 10 year warranty assures a high quality


The Addaline 35 features an innovative twin frame design allowing you to use the smaller section for small loads, or combine both sections for more drying space. This clever clothesline can also be turned into a free-standing unit with the aid of a Ground Mount Kit which can be added to your order.

Reasons to Get the Austral Addaline 35:

  • Huge Capacity, Perfect for Families

One of Australia’s biggest fold downs with 35 metres of total drying line length, perfect for a family of 2-5.

  • Heavy Duty

15 strong and durable polycord lines that can handle very heavy articles with minimal sagging

  • Goodbye Saggy Lines

Built-in line tensioning system easily lets you keep the cords taut to keep clothes in place.

  • Installation Flexibility

Wall mountable by default, ground mount kits are available to covert it into a freestanding clothesline — perfect for any situation!



The Austral Foldaway 51 is a family sized Australian made rotary clothesline specifically designed for our tough Australian climate.

This model is capable of drying large family loads as one of our biggest folding rotaries, and features a long-lasting design.


  • Ideal drying solution for large sized families
  • Huge line space of 51m is our biggest folding rotary
  • 7 strong, tight, and durable lines
  • Ground socket included allows you to store away clothesline when not in use
  • 20 year warranty allows you to purchase with confidence


The Hills Hoist 8 line clothesline is Hill’s biggest removable rotary clothesline and is perfect for families of 5 or more. This model features a super smooth hoisting action as a quality made product from top to bottom.


  • Ideal drying capacity for larger families
  • 8 strong and tight lines
  • Included ground socket allows line to be easily stored away when not in use
  • Buy with confidence and feel secure with the 10 year warranty
  • Various color options to suit your home



The Austral Retractaway 40 is a top selling heavy duty clothesline that can hold a huge wash load for a family of 4-5. With a unique line tension system that extends up to 8m and retracts back to the wall when not in use, this is a popular unit and top seller.


  • 5 PVC coated lines won’t mark or snag clothes
  • Two colors blend well with any home
  • Wall or ground mounted with optional ground mount kit
  • Huge 40 metres of line for any sized family
  • Peace of mind with 20 year warranty
  • Ground socket allows post to be completely removable


Brabantia’s pull out drying lines can be adjusted to fit between two walls, up to a maximum of 4.4 metres apart.

They’re smooth and easy to operate and have up to 22 metres of drying capacity. The auto blocking system keeps this drying line taut at all times.


  • Compact pull-out clothes lines – space saving
  • Smooth action – easy to use due to the automatic pull-out system
  • Automatic blocking system – lines are always taut
  • Easy to fix between two walls (max. 4.4m/165 inch) – fixings and clear instructions included
  • Manufactured from corrosion resistant materials – suitable for the bathroom.

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