Living in an apartment has its pros and cons. The benefits of living in an apartment are being a part of a community, saving money on utilities, and having access to different amenities. However, apartment tenants cannot always live with pets and do not have the same flexibility homeowners have when it comes to decorating their living space.

There are a lot of different decisions to make when decorating your apartment. Do you want to go for a particular color scheme? Are you more concerned with living in a functional space or a space that is not as functional, but is overly decorated? The options are endless.

Often, when people are decorating their new space, they are unaware of all the different choices they can make when decorating their windows.

It is crucial to figure out how flexible your budget is. Once your budget is figured out, you can decide if you are looking for efficiency, a long lifespan, design, privacy, or functionality. These decisions can be difficult but are not impossible. If you are looking for guidance deciding on what you need for your apartment, look no further. Below are the best window treatments for apartment living.

1. Window Film

Window film can be valuable to apartment tenants in many different ways. Some window film has designs on it to add a different kind of design element to your apartment. Window film also keeps the heat inside your apartment during winter and provides another privacy aspect to your living space.

2. Integral Blinds

If you are working with a higher budget and have more freedom in decorating your apartment, you should consider using integral blinds. Integral blinds are sealed amid two panes of glass and are managed by a built-in device on the frame. They are maintenance-free, can help with your energy bills, easy to operate, and damage-free.

3. Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains have several benefits for any space you are living in. They are a select type of curtains that defer sunlight from entering a room. Because of this, they allow for more privacy than most curtains. Blackout curtains are ideal for apartment tenants who want to sleep late without the sun waking them up or for apartment tenants who live in apartment communities and would like more privacy.

4. Tension Curtain Rods

If you do not have a ton of leeway when decorating your apartment, you have to try out tension curtain rods. Tension curtain rods stick to the inside of the window frame. They allow you to hang up curtains without drilling or hammering any nails into your apartment. Tension curtains rods are an excellent option for adding curtains to your space for apartment tenants with strict landlords.

5. Sheer White Curtains

Is your apartment lacking windows and natural light? If it is, then sheer white curtains are the best choice for you. With sheer white curtains, more sunlight will be able to enter your apartment. These curtains can spruce up your apartment subtly and simply while creating the illusion of a room that is not closed off.

6. Bare

Believe it or not, some windows are better off bare. A bare window lets a ton of sunlight into your home. Uncovered windows are also an excellent option for apartment tenants going for more of a minimalistic look.

7. Recycle Your Old Sheets

Recycling your old sheets is a great way to style your apartment on a budget. Suppose you are trying to decorate your apartment at a low cost, this one of your best options. Turning your sheets into a new set of curtains is not a challenging task at all.

The first thing you are going to want to do is to gather your supplies. You will need any old sheet, a tension rod, and a pair of scissors. After you have collected your materials, you will need to fold your sheet in an accordion style. Once your sheet is folded, you will take your scissors and cut little holes that are roughly the same size as your tension curtain rod throughout the top of the sheet. Then you will take your tension curtain rod, push it through your sheet, and hang it up.

Repurposing old sheets and turning them into curtains is an easy way to add a new sort of design element to your apartment.

Just because you are renting an apartment does not mean you can not make it your home. Windows and curtains add an element of design that most people do not even think of. They can add different aspects of lights, fabrics, and patterns into your living space. There are so many window treatments available for apartments, one of them is bound to work the best for you!

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