“Backflow Incense” is the brainchild of Robert J. Rieck, an American artist living in Tokyo, Japan. He has been producing these wonderful works of art for over twenty years, and he makes each one by hand.Backflow incense will generate the incense waterfall effect which distinguish with the traditional incense.

In order to make your next backflow incense experience the best one yet, you’ll want to get familiar with all the different types of backflow incense cones out there. Whether you’re looking for an organic, fair trade, or natural backflow incense cone, you’ll want to be sure to find the type of backflow incense cone that’s right for you. So in this post, we’ll go through the different types of backflow incense cones out there, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best backflow incense cone possible.

The lemon fragrance strengthens the body immune system, detoxifies the body, enhances digestive system function, breaks down cellulite, as well as deals with acid indigestion and irregularity. Lemon essential oil soothes and also eases headaches as well as migraines, as well as helps treat arthritis as well as rheumatism by integrating the body’s acidity.


It is said that cinnamon incense sticks can enhance your concentration, ideal for the creative mind. In addition they have preventative properties for infections and help to alleviate muscle tension. A terrific one to burn in case you are practising yoga and stretching out your limbs.


If you like vanilla, you have to keep in mind attempting a vanilla cone. These cones are best for amusement and rest. The first-rate component is that maximum vanilla cones feature a mild odor, making it a perfect product for individuals who do not like robust aromas.


The exceptional sandalwood cones are acknowledged for his or her extremely good fragrance. On top of that, they’re ideal for repelling bugs like mosquitoes, in addition to giving your property the appropriate fragrance.

Dragon’s blood

Dragon blood cones produce a sweet aroma, however no longer like spices and herbs. They are developing in popularity and are best for meditation or yoga.


Unscented cones have no perfume, which permits you to customise the product. This means you can use perfume-free cones as you want. This makes it a incredibly flexible product, appropriate for a spread of capabilities.


Patchouli is an super incense cone prepared with beautiful aromas to be able to significantly beautify your aromatherapy. With patchouli cones, you’ll be capable of raise your temper, ideal for relaxation and yoga.


If you like the odor of nature, cedar cones are perfect for you. These merchandise can produce excellent scents that will let you deliver natural scents into your house.

Nag champa

The betel nut-scented cone has a sweet and barely woody aroma that maximum people tend to locate calm. The taste of betel nut is paying homage to magnolia or jasmine.

White sage

White sage cones not only produce tremendous smells, however also act as antibacterial and anti-bacterial. Plus, they may be best for repelling bugs.


In case you love flowers, you can not pass incorrect with lavender-scented cones. These cones will deliver your house a lavender heady scent so as to give your temper a huge elevate.


In comparison to the typically used reflux cones, the amber cones have a different aroma that can closing for a long time. Those cones are one of the nice merchandise of aromatherapy.


Who would not love the smell of mint? Mint has been utilized in a variety of merchandise from tea to sweet and now in cones. It is due to its extraordinary perfume, with a purpose to now not only make your property scent top notch, but also enhance your universal health.


Fruity cones are recognised for generating magical scents which could carry your temper while making your property best. Fruity cone has a selection of flavors along with strawberry, peach, heliotrope and cinnamon spice. Diversity allows you to choose the products that nice fit your desires.

Lotus & white musk 

The lotus heady scent is excellent for stepping into music along with your mind’s eye. Growing a feel of internal peace and calm, it complements one’s kingdom of self-recognition, making it a excellent preference of incense to burn in the course of meditation.


Different people like different tastes. Some of the above flavors are relatively common and high praise rate of products. Please buy according to your own needs.

Also pay attention to safety when using, because this is a product that needs to be lit with fire, please keep away from flammable materials. Some of the ashes need to be disposed of immediately after use. It can also be used with an incense burner.

The backflow Incense cone that you need for your own or business depends on the type of incense that you use. The purpose of this incense cone is to prevent incense smoke from escaping and to provide a place for burning your incense. So, you must choose an incense that fits your needs.

Check out this page to see which backflow incense cone is best suited for your needs.

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