Home lighting projects can be a great way to update your space, modernise the décor, add more functionality to the room(s), and even tie a design concept together. Your light fixtures are not only a necessity in the home – they should also be considered a design element, as any interior designer will tell you they can have a huge impact on the room. But one thing homeowners can run into is feeling a bit overwhelmed and confused by the choices out there. Perhaps you don’t want to choose just one type of light fixture, instead, you like the idea of combining different ones.

For homeowners looking who want to be creative and strive for a more customised result, we’ve got a list of basic and dos and don’ts for combining light fixtures.

Do Aim to Layer Your Light Fixtures

The first tip is to think in terms of layering when choosing different light fixtures. Rather than each light serving a single person, think about including a variety of lights in a space that each performs differently. For example, bright overhead lighting can be layered with table-top lamps. This gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to how much light you have in a room.

Do Use Task Lighting

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This tip ties into the one above, task lighting should be a consideration in rooms where it makes sense. A great example is a home office. Having a task light that will allow you to direct light to your computer screen or desk can prove to be very beneficial. Task lighting may not add to the overall look and ambience, but it plays an important role in the lighting plan. You can check out options like Flos lighting fixtures for task lighting examples.

Do Stick to One Colour of Light

Homeowners will also want to choose one colour of light and stick to it in the room, potentially even the whole house, to create a cohesive space. So, what is meant by the “colour of the light”. You can purchase lightbulbs that have a warm or cool colour to them – with warm being a softer version of light.

Your choice shouldn’t be based on the look alone, you also want to think about the room where the lights are being installed, what the needs are in that room (how the space is used), and how it will flow into other rooms of the house.

Do Look for Light Fixtures with Personality

pexels-donald-tong-189333 The Dos and Don'ts of Combining Lighting Fixtures

It’s always nice to have décor pieces that pop in the room and act as statement pieces. A light fixture can be that item and end up being the element that inspires the design concept for the rest of the space.

If you choose a statement light fixture, it’s best to keep all the other light fixtures in that room clean and simple. You don’t want to take away from the statement piece.

Do Mix and Match Lamp Shades

When purchasing lamps with shades, don’t be afraid to mix and match. They don’t all have to be the same shade to work in a room. Instead choose a specific colour palette, style, size, material, or feature that they all have in common.

Don’t Try to Do Too Much in a Small Space

If you’re redecorating or updating a small space then it’s best to keep things simple. A small room may not be ideal for an oversized statement fixture, and there’s no need to go overboard on layering the fixtures. Just keep things simple and sleek.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Dimmers

Dimmer switches are a fabulous accessory to add to your lighting project as they will give you a lot more control over the lights. These work especially great with recessed or pot lighting and chandeliers. Dimming them can create a whole different atmosphere and mood.

Don’t Make Purchases Based on What’s Trending

There are always new home décor trends to follow and while it can be tempting, the fact is that not every trend will work with your home, your existing décor, and your personality. Don’t force yourself to choose a particular fixture simply because it is trending. You still need to love it.

Fabulous Results to Show Off

Using these simple dos and don’ts you’ll be able to create the perfect look with your light fixtures, adding another level of sophistication to your home.

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