Do you have a set of curtains that you just absolutely love, but may be looking a little sad recently due to general wear and tear?

If you can’t entertain the thought of getting rid of them, then it may be time that you play doctor with your damaged curtains.

Instead of going out and spending top dollar on a new set of curtains, there are some simple ways in which you can repair your curtains for minimal cost.

In this article, we will go through some of the miraculous DIY hacks that you can utilise to mend your drapes, so read on to find out more!

Repairing Tears In Fabric

If you experience a tear in your curtains, fret not! Thankfully, the effort it takes to repair a tear in your curtain is minimal, and is something you can get done in a jiffy. When it comes to repairing a tear, you have a few options to choose from. Here are 2 simple methods you can utilise to refurbish your curtains.

  • The first method you can utilise is to get yourself an upholstery needle, and some fabric from any top providers of upholstery fabric in Australia. You will also need some thread that matches your upholstery fabric, so gather your tools and you’re ready to begin. What you will have to do now is trim any loose threads that may have popped up around the tear with some scissors.

Now, using a whip stitch, you’ll want to bring the two torn sides together. Once you reach the end of your stitch, tie your thread off and trim any excess off. This method works best for small tears, and there should be little to no visible flaws to the naked eye once you have hung your curtains back up – the folds of your curtains should mask any potential eyesores.

  • The second option you have to repair the tear in your drapes is to head out and purchase some fusible interfacing. Once you have your hands on some, all you have to do is cut a piece of the fabrice in a size that is slightly larger than your tear.

Carefully line up the fabric at the back of your tear, ensuring that your tear is patched together as much as possible. You can then go on to placing the interfacing fabric face down on the back of your curtain and run your hot iron over it to fuse it to your curtain fabric, ensuring it holds together and also preventing the tear from becoming any larger.

Got A Snag In Your Fabric?

Another common damage that happens with curtains are snags. This can happen if you have pets that claw at your curtains, or when your drapes get caught in your clothing. Thankfully, snags are very easy to repair and you’ll be able to restore your curtains in no time. Here is how you can go about doing so.

  • First off, you’ll want to decrease the size of the snag as much as possible by manually manipulating your curtain fabric – you can do this by trying to move the thread back into its original position as much as you possibly can without causing any extra damage to the fabric.
  • Once you have stretched your fabric as much as you possibly can, grab yourself some thread and a needle. Attach your thread to the loop of the snag and gently bring it through to the other side of the curtain with your needle. You will then make a small stitch that is as close to the root of the snag as possible.

After this, snip off any excess thread, but remember to not snip the snag off as this will cause threads to unravel, possibly creating a hole in your curtain fabric.

We hope that these 2 simple curtain repair hacks have come in handy, and that you are now equipped with the knowledge you need to play doctor with your damaged curtains.