Video games are not the nerdy hobby they used to be. Thanks to the incredible development of gaming consoles, the popularity of video-sharing platforms, and the sheer number of online multiplayer games available, they’ve really taken over the mainstream.

Many kids, teens, and adults alike love nothing more than devoting their free time to the myriad of titles they play on their Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, etc. In fact, they enjoy doing this so much that plenty of them actively turn one of the rooms in their home into a gaming den.

Having a space like this can be great for keeping the activity separate from other aspects of daily life. It also allows you to design a room entirely around your gaming interests so that anyone who sees it knows exactly what you love.

For a gaming den to really fulfil its purpose, though, it has to have all the essentials. If you’re not sure what these are, this guide ought to help.

Gaming PC/Laptop

One of the most popular ways that people play video games nowadays is on the PC. Services like Steam offer a fantastic variety of titles, plenty of which you won’t find on all the latest home consoles.

Of course, for these games to function properly, you’ll need to get a PC that’s up to the task. While a standard laptop might be able to run one of these games, the power required can potentially overheat the device and break it.

Unfortunately, gaming laptops and PCs aren’t the cheapest gadgets out there, so you’ll need to save up before buying anything. While this is definitely annoying, the wait is worthwhile, given that it tends to be money well spent.

You could potentially save yourself some cash by buying the individual components and putting the PC together yourself. However, if you’re going to do this, you’ll probably want to follow these instructions.

Gaming Chair

It’s easy to lose hours at a time playing your favourite game. That can be problematic for several reasons, including the impact that this has on your body.

If you’re going to spend a lot of time sitting around, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve got an ergonomic chair designed to offer proper support. Features like lumbar support, headrests, and adjustable armrests are all essential, and they’re usually all present in gaming chairs.

Other features you might want to look out for, but which are less essential, include things like built-in speakers and vibration settings. These won’t do much to support your body, and they will boost the chair’s price. However, if you’ve got money to burn and want to make your gaming experience more immersive, they’re good features to have.

Gaming Desk

It’s no good buying a gaming PC and chair if you don’t have a desk to play at. This is another essential item that your den needs, and finding the right one requires more effort than you might think.

While any table can essentially do the job, you’ll want a desk that’s designed with your hobby in mind. Fortunately, you can find plenty of gaming desks tailored to your needs at Available in various styles and sizes with the potential for storage and the space for multiple monitors, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the PC gaming desk that’s right for you.

The desk you use might not seem all that important, but it can make a significant difference between whether or not you’re gaming experience is smooth and comfortable. Don’t settle for anything less than the computer gaming desk that meets all your essential needs.


Not all gamers are the same, so playing on the PC may not be your thing. In which case, you’ll probably want a decent TV that you can hook your Xbox, PlayStation, etc., up to.

Again, this is something that will cost a fair amount of money, especially if you’re aiming for a television that provides the best graphics. However, if you’re not buying a gaming PC, then you can afford to splash out a little more on a TV that will really bring your games to life.

Depending on the size of it, as well as whether you plan on attaching it to the wall or not, you may also need something to stand it on. However, this doesn’t need to be anything special, so just go for whatever can handle the television’s weight. As long as it fits with the room’s décor, what you use shouldn’t matter that much.

Seating Area

If you’re a console gamer, then seating is another thing you’ll want to consider. You may find that a gaming chair is ideal for you, in which case, go with what we advised above. However, if your gaming den is quite large, the space might look a little empty if you just use one of these chairs.

That’s why it’s worth buying a sofa; one that’s quite comfortable for long-time use. You can judge the quality of a sofa using these criteria so that you know what you’re sitting on won’t break quickly or do your body any unnecessary damage.

Even if you’re not a console gamer, having a sofa in your gaming den can still be a good idea. It’s useful if you entertain people often, or you just want somewhere to go when taking a break. After all, staring at a screen for too long isn’t great for your eyes, so it helps to step back from your PC every so often.


A gaming den doesn’t have much of a vibe if all it contains is the equipment needed to play games. This is a space that’s supposed to show your love for this hobby, so be sure to fill it with all the merchandise that speaks to you.

Decorate the walls with framed game art or artistic images inspired by your favourite titles. Fill shelves with various memorabilia of the franchises you love, whether that be toys, action figures, or just random licensed products. It’s not hard to find items based on your most beloved games, especially if they’re incredibly popular.

You don’t need to go overboard with the merchandise, nor do you have to buy stuff for the sake of owning it. If you want to add a bit more personality to your gaming den, though, it’s definitely worth finding some memorabilia you love that can fill the space. It will really tell people more about who you are if they ever see the room.

Potential Extras

Every gaming den is different, so what some people might consider essentials, others will not.

Extra things you may wish to buy for this room include speakers, soundproofing, storage units, and mood lighting. These can all play an important role but don’t always factor into every person’s gaming experience.

For instance, if you play all your games with headphones on, then speakers – and by extension soundproofing – won’t matter so much. As for lighting, not all gamers are bothered about using it to set a mood. However, if you do care about creating the perfect atmosphere for your den, you’ll probably want to use one of these RGB lighting options. They’ll ensure that the room is always perfectly lit for your gaming exploits.

No two gaming dens are the same. However, most do share a lot of similar furniture because the room wouldn’t be the same without them. They’re called essentials for a reason, and they’re exactly what you need to make your den a gaming haven.

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