Moving your entire household, especially if you are relocating cross country can be an exciting and stressful venture. Even if you are moving to a popular and dreamy location like San Francisco, the act of packing up everything that you own and hauling it off to another location can be a real hassle.

Half the battle of your move is getting yourself organized once you arrive. All of a sudden you could be standing in your new house surrounded by a variety of boxes and furniture and find that you have no idea where to start.

Once you find reliable movers in San Francisco CA or wherever your travels take you, part of your job is done. But, movers aren’t likely to help you unpack and get your home organized for everyday life. There is a definite method that you can follow to help you ease the strain of getting everything put away and organized after you move. Take a look at some of our moving and unpacking tips that can help you get settled once you move into your new home.

Organized Packing

If you start your packing in your old home with a sense of organization you will end up having an easier time on the other end of your journey. You can try color-coding your boxes by room so that your movers will automatically take colored boxes to their proper destinations in your new home. This can save you a lot of time just carting boxes from room to room once you arrive.

It’s also a good idea to have a full inventory list of everything that is in your boxes. This can help you to find things quickly instead of searching from box to box for the one item that you may need. You can also use a marker to simply list the room or destination of each box like “kitchen” or “bathroom”.

Essentials Box

It can be really helpful to have one or two boxes where you pack all of the essential items that you will want handy right as you move into your new home. Things like your tablet or laptop, real estate agent information, maps, medications, and essential toiletries can all go in these boxes.

Try to keep these boxes with you when you can, and if not, make sure that they are the first boxes unloaded at your new home. Maybe even include some snacks to munch on while you unpack your kitchen.

Kitchen First

Always get your kitchen essentials, plates and pots and pans unpacked as soon as you can. Once you clean your new appliances and cupboards, it is a good time to gauge how much space you have and how you will organize your kitchen.

Get out your small appliances like your favorite coffee maker and toaster to make you feel more at home. You can even make a small meal on your first day to celebrate your successful move.


Setting up your bedroom furniture should be your next priority. From the time you arrive and the hours spent unpacking and cleaning it can end up being time for bed before you know it. Set up your bedding furniture and make sure to have at least one set of sheets ready for each bed.

This is a great time to get your kids involved in your move by letting them start unpacking their own rooms. Let them make decisions like how their furniture will be placed and keep them busy by letting them fill their own drawers and closets.


Your next priority should be your bathrooms. You and your family will likely want to have a shower after the work of moving and unpacking. Find a place for your towels and bathroom accessories. Fill up your medicine cabinet and assign drawer space for each of your family members.


Moving can be tough on everyone in the family but, it can also be an adventure. By staying on track and following an organized plan for getting your home unpacked you can start to settle in and make new memories faster than you could have imagined.