Whether you have just become the proud owner of your new home (congratulations!) or if you have decided that redecoration of your living space is in order, then you need some basic interior design knowledge.

Why? Because if you want your home to look at its best, there are some essential “rules” that only insiders and experts can give you, regardless of your own personal taste and style.

Curious to know more? Then read on to discover the ten best and most foolproof interior design tips that will turn your home revamp project into an utter success.

  1. Let the Walls Do the Talking

Meaning: choose your wall art carefully, because it can say a lot about you. Whether you are passionate about contemporary artists, or if you prefer more classical styles, what you put on your walls will need to reflect that.

  1. Don’t Let Your Flooring Floor You

Cohesive flooring is another essential aspect that can tie your entire home together nicely. Renovating your flooring can be a pretty daunting (and expensive) task, so you want to entrust a professional company with it. Some of the most popular types of flooring at the moment are hardwood, tile, vinyl, laminate and carpet: which one will you choose?

  1. Choose a Color Palette, and Stick With It

Talking about putting together a cohesive, neat home inevitably means bringing to the table the question of colors. From your walls to the type of floor that you pick, from the textiles to the main pieces of furniture, choosing a color palette and sticking with it can be a great idea. Remember that the color palette doesn’t need to be the same around the house: you can opt for different ones in different rooms.

  1. Upcycle Is the Name of the Game

Upcycling is very different from recycling. It’s the practice (or art, even) of taking a used, and often tired-looking, piece of furniture and give it a new lease of life through clever decoration.

There are many great things about upcycling, but the two best ones are probably the fact that it’s so versatile and can adapt to pretty much any home and any style, and the fact that it’s incredibly popular (and will likely continue to be for a long while).

  1. Let the Sunshine In

We’re not talking about the famous 1960s song, but about the incredible potential of living in a bright, fresh, and airy space. And how best to achieve this than with large and great-quality windows? This is another job that’s best left to the expert hands of a professional company, but the time and financial investment will be worth it.

  1. Take a Step Outside

Another excellent idea to make your home even brighter is to create a special room, either within your house or in your backyard, entirely dedicated to this purpose. Yes, we are talking about adding a sunroom or conservatory extension, or even a garden room.

The awesome thing about these extensions is that you can genuinely adapt them to fit any purpose. From a home office to your very own private fitness studio, from a children’s playroom to a relaxing lounge, you are spoilt for choice. The one thing that must not be missing from these spaces is some beautiful greenery: for inspiration, try browsing the excellent choice at

  1. Consider Investing in Some Key Pieces

While many pieces of furniture can definitely be bought at average prices and still do a good job of being sturdy, durable, and pleasant to look at, there are a few items that you might need to invest a bit more money in.

For example, you’ll want to splash some more cash on a great, comfy, and beautiful couch, as well as on a mattress that’s going to give you the best nights of your life. Other key items that you could spend a bit more on are your kitchen and bathroom units, and indoor lighting.

  1. Explore the Potential of Wood

You might be one of many homeowners who love wooden furniture, but have you considered adding other touches of wood around your home, in the form of wall paneling, shelving, or even flooring? Wooden furniture can give your home an extra layer of coziness and comfort, is extremely versatile and works really well when mixed with different materials and a huge range of styles.

  1. Become Strategic With Indoor Lighting

We mentioned the importance (and beauty) of letting natural light flood into your home. But how about artificial, indoor lighting? That’s crucial, too, if you aim to create a cozy yet stylish living space.

LED lighting is all the rage and can look incredible in your bathroom. For a truly magical, atmospheric vibe, opt for dimmable light switches instead of static ones, and you’ll immediately transform your room into a quiet haven of relaxation.

  1. Embrace DIY

Building a beautiful home doesn’t always require the assistance of expert professionals. There are plenty of things that you can do by yourself, which not only enables you to save money but can bring out your creative and imaginative sides.

DIY can come in many shapes and sizes, and the great thing about it is that you can pick and choose whatever project to start with. Whatever your skills, budget, and time, DIY has definitely something that’s right for you.

Interior Design Tips for the Home of Your Dreams

Creating the home of your dreams has never been easier, thanks to our great interior design tips.

Whether you want to embark on a full home renovation, or if you prefer to focus on one area or aspect of your living space, our insider guidance will come in handy.

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