Pest control in Burnaby is necessary for every household. In order to ensure a safe and healthy living environment for residents, a home should be free of any types of pests and insects. Most of the health related issues are caused by the insects and pests living inside and around our house.

Awareness – The First Requirement for Pest Control

Every household in Surrey has its fair share of having insects and other pests with them, and some homeowners are unaware of it. They continuously seek shelter and when they find a home that suits them, that’s where pest issues begin.

It would be helpful to take knowledge or two when it comes to controlling pest infestation. While there are basic techniques to keep pests off of your home, the need for professional pest control in Surrey is definitely warranted for health and safety reasons.

So, if you’re experiencing problems caused by pests at home, try to get as much information about them through various available sources. Most of the pests can be controlled by in-house methods, whereas others may need services of experienced pest control service.

Common Pests Can Be Eradicated By A Professional Pest Control In Burnaby-based Company


Nowadays there are environmentally friendly sprays available in the market which helps in getting rid of well-known pests such as ants and roaches. But, dealing with termites can be trickier than most.

These critters typically develop in dry areas and can eat the plaster of walls — as well as chew on any wood found on your property. In order to get rid of the termites, people need to deal with the underlying causes that attract termites in the first place.

Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations in homes have become a natural occurrence which prompted many homeowners and even businesses to seek out the professional help of pest control in Burnaby.

While it is true that bed bugs cannot be completely removed overnight, there are simple ways with which you, as a homeowner, can alleviate bed bug infestations. Keeping your beddings and mattresses clean, using hot water in washing them, and cleaning your home using a vacuum cleaner can help, albeit temporarily.

It takes five weeks for bed bugs to pass from the hatching stage into full maturity where they then become reproductively active. They don’t transmit diseases, but can leave nasty red welts and scars on the skin. These pests hide during daylight hours in dark, protected places like mattresses, seams and tufts.

They can also be found in bed frames, windows, and door frames, behind pictures or even in the cracks of a wall. Never purchase a used bed mattress due to potential for infestation. Bed bugs can be easily transported to other rooms, avoiding removing suspected bug-infested items from a bug-infested room.

Be sure to contact a professional pest control in Surrey service for advice. Due to the resistant nature of infestation, it’s important to contact only licensed pest controls services for this.

Try to contact companies that use (IPM) which stands for integrated pest management. Companies that use the IPM approach to control and removal of pests use multidisciplinary techniques to bed bug control that minimises the use of pesticides. Some of the best non-chemical pest control techniques to eliminate bed bugs are fumigation, freezing, steam cleaning or heat applications.

Be strongly advised of the importance of interviewing potential services for cost, for any memberships in national and peer control associations and ask how the company executes their IPM procedures. Keep in mind companies should perform an inspection on the property before quoting a final price in order to price on their findings, not on a flat fee.

Be sure to partner with your pest control service by discussing what treatments are being performed during treatment visits. Controlling pests can be costly by sometimes requiring treatments that need to be repeated bi-weekly, so education is key to finding the right service for you.

Ask for treatment recommendations to be written into an inspection report. It is important to follow the pest control services advice on how to avoid re-infestation of bed bugs while clearly understanding what you and the pest control service is responsible for, if repairs need to be made ask for a list of items that are needed.

With careful planning and prevention, removal of bed bugs from your home using valuable pest control in Surrey can have your home pest free for months and years to come.

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