One of the most overlooked elixirs to life is a clean and tidy home. Not only can a well-maintained abode make you feel content, but it can help you stay organised. If you’ve always lived in mess, you may be surprised at how much a big spring clean can do for your mental wellbeing.

That’s why domestic cleaning services are such a great investment for many households. There’s nothing more important than investing in your health and happiness, so keeping a tidy house is worth your time, effort and money. Here are some more house cleaning benefits to think about…

Cleaning is therapeutic

Even for those with housekeepers, partaking in regular housework can be a great way to release energy, burn calories and reduce anxiety. If you have a bit of time, save some of the cleaning work for yourself.

The Scottish Health Survey reported that doing chores at home was enough to lower stress levels by about 20%. And with stress and anxiety linked to shorter lifespans, it’s important for us to find ways to manage the stresses in our lives.

Plus, tasks like vacuuming for 30 minutes can zap anywhere between 99 to 166 calories (depending on your weight). You can even burn calories through relatively low-impact jobs like ironing or washing dishes.

Tidy home = tidy mind

2 The Health Benefits of Maintaining a Tidy Home

It’s true that they say. A tidy home can really help you feel relaxed and focused. A cluttered house can lead to feelings of chaos and loss of control. The key to reducing everyday mess is to have a ‘home’ for everything – a dedicated spot so things can be put away in their rightful place after use.

The answer to this is storage in every single room. For the bedroom, an organised wardrobe with ample rail space is a must. For a home office, shelving units have to accommodate all files and work equipment. For the kitchen, storage jars with labels are essential for keeping cupboards in order.

Not only will a more organised house help you access things you need quicker (no more wasted hours searching for lost items), but your days will run much more smoothly.

Instil good habits in children

As well as having a more orderly life, a tidy family home sets high standards for your kids. By keeping on top of cleaning work – and encouraging your little ones to help out – you’re instilling good habits for their adult years.

They’ll carry these habits through to university and become considerate housemates. By teaching children to value the place they live, they are more likely to take care of possessions and show respect for other people’s possessions. Eventually, they’ll become amazing role models for their own children too.

Improve home air quality

3 The Health Benefits of Maintaining a Tidy Home

Did you know that we breathe in toxins from the air every single day? This happens when we are outside but there are also common air pollutants inside our homes caused by dust, dirt or gases – as well as toxins from mould and mildew.

This is why it’s so important to maintain a clean house. Frequent cleaning isn’t just about keeping up appearances, but about improving air quality for your family. If you have damp problems, installing ventilation is a must as mould spores are harmful to respiratory health. Dehumidifiers can also be helpful throughout the winter months, as are plants as they can purify the air and absorb moisture.

A clean home is a safe home – and the only way you can protect against invisible poisons. As poor air quality is a cause of allergies and other health concerns, there really is nothing more critical than keeping a clean and tidy home.

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