How many times have you felt unsafe in your house? Of course, finding a way to feel safe is something that everybody wants. But the question is where should we install CCTV cameras to make us feel safer? Luckily, there are some steps that can help you find these places and provide safety for yourself and your family members.

Make Sure Every Entrance Is Covered

Entrances are the most significant places where you need to have visual security. Installing a CCTV camera at every entrance will ensure that no one can enter or leave your premises without you knowing. Not only this, but in case someone attempts to break into the house, you will have crucial footage of their physical appearance and any other distinguishing features such as tattoos.

These entrances include the following:

  • the front gate
  • the front door
  • doorbell camera
  • the back door
  • the garage door
  • windows on the first floor
  • skylights

Putting them in these places will ensure that you have visual security of the whole perimeter.

Put Them In Places Where Your Valuables Are

You need to make sure to have a security camera installed in places where valuables are. Try finding out where your valuables such as jewelry and cash lie, then put the cameras in these places. This will be helpful to you when there is a robbery or theft of any kind. You can find the culprits by checking CCTV footage if it exists. You’ll know what has been stolen when talking to the police.

You’ll know where your valuables are in the house if they’re put somewhere specific. If this is the case, finding places for CCTV devices becomes much easier because you can already tell which areas of your home have been targeted by burglars before. Once you’ve identified these spots, finding the right place to put up one or multiple surveillance cams becomes child’s play!

The Hallway

Burglars will have to pass your hallway and the main door to get inside your house. When finding places for security cameras, you should think about this section of your home as well. This is because burglars will have to pass the hallway and also enter through it when attempting to break into your home.

It’s going to be easier to catch them in action if they cannot find a way to avoid the hallway. That’s why you should consider finding places for these cameras in your hallway too. There are many different options when it comes to finding places for surveillance devices and the hallways are one of them. Burglars will be forced to pass through this section so there isn’t any reason not to install security devices here if you want to improve home safety.

The Basement

The basement is another entry point to your home and sometimes people might want to know if someone has entered the house. You can install security cameras here so you will always be able to keep an eye on what happens inside the basement, especially when there is no one around. This also applies in case of a fire because it’s very important for firefighters to have real-time information about their movements through the building and they need that not only during normal times but also during emergencies such as fires or gas leaks.

Your Backyard

One place people forget when installing security systems in the backyard. There are multiple reasons why you might want to have a camera in this place. First of all, you can monitor what’s going on when no one’s home, especially if you live near a busy street or public area.

You can also be sure that, if someone breaks into the house and tries to enter through the basement, for example, they will be caught on video as well. The front yard gets most of the action these days but it’s important not to forget about all other entrances like those leading from the back yard. Always keep an eye out! While finding places for cameras isn’t difficult at all, finding good locations takes time and patience.

Your Driveway

A driveway is a perfect place for installing surveillance cameras. Not only will the camera be able to monitor who’s driving in and out, but it can also record license plate numbers as well.

The driveway is a great location because you’re more likely to have at least one vehicle coming and going from your house on any given day. This makes finding parking easier since most people don’t want their car parked right next to another person’s car all the time.

burglar-4194213_960_720 A Useful Guide To Know The Ideal Places To Install CCTV Cameras In Your House

You need to make sure there are no blind spots in your house when installing CCTV cams. Make sure you have one on every entrance and where your valuables are. Make sure you have one in every hallway, the basement as well your backyard and driveway. This will make sure that every corner of your home is safe and secure. You’ll sleep better for it!

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