For most people, a home is the single largest purchase they’ll ever make in their lifetime. A home isn’t only the place where you and your family live. It’s also an investment that families depend on for financial security.

There’s a much smaller tax burden for homeowners than for people who buy other assets or commodities because you don’t need to pay taxes from any profits of the sale of your principal home.

That also means that there’s a lot riding on this investment, so you need to make an informed decision. No fee payment you’ll ever make is bigger, either.

Let’s take a closer look at how savvy homebuyers are using prop tech to educate themselves before they sign a mortgage, rather than learning painful economic lessons afterwards.


For years, real estate information was murky and even concealed from the public. Today, prop-tech platforms by innovators like Regan McGee are designed to give homebuyers the facts they need, adding more transparency, choice, and accountability to the real estate process.

People can use his prop-tech platform Nobul to see an agent’s transaction histories, pricing, service, and reviews. With this level of information at your fingertips on a platform where agents compete with each other for clients, homebuyers are sure to make an informed decision.

Once you’re paired with a suitable agent who meets your criteria for reputation, price, and fit, together, you’ll make the right decision for you. When using Nobul, all the real estate agents on their marketplace have been verified by their Client Success team, so you know they’re trustworthy.

Better Questions

Knowing the right question to ask is essential, but it’s hard for newbies entering the real estate market to know what they don’t know. The best prop-tech platforms streamline the homebuying process and educate users as they go, prompting them to raise better questions during their real estate journey.

From things like paying commission to understanding all the options before a contract is signed, it’s better for homebuyers to know everything they need to know right from the beginning and have a dependable resource to lean on.

Leveraged Data

No two homes are the same, and every home buyer has unique needs. The best prop-tech platforms have a signature algorithm offering buyers and sellers data-driven choices that create a fundamental alignment, putting the best options on the market before them sooner.

Balancing competing factors like price, location, and more means leveraging data to empower homebuyers. The real estate decision you make will be felt for years down the road, so you may as well maximize the data at your disposal and use it to educate you on what really matters.

Homebuyers don’t have time to waste — they want to learn what they need to know quickly before housing costs or interest rates rise. Disruptive, innovative prop-tech platforms like Regan McGee’s Nobul are an excellent way to stay in the know about housing.

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