Chainsaws have become associated with the image of a burly lumberjack cutting huge trees. However, not all chainsaws are loud and inconvenient. Now, anyone can own an electric chainsaw for minor tasks around the house, such as trimming, pruning, cutting branches, or handling some light cleanup. Cordless chainsaws, which are portable and more convenient, offer a great entry-level option for homeowners who do not have much experience with the large gas models. So, if you are a beginner who wants to invest in a chainsaw, you should not buy the first one you lay eyes on. Instead, read reviews by both customers and experts that can come in handy, before you make your big purchase.

 Just check out the following points to know why reading some reviews before buying your cordless chainsaw can give you great pointers.


Cordless chainsaws are not cheap, as their prices can amount to $500. Thus, you need to set a budget before you splurge on expensive models. Reviews can help you make sure you are getting the best value for money by comparing the prices of different models and their specifications. When you do some research and read more reviews, you might find that two or even three brands have the same specifications but at different prices. So, by checking reviews, you know you are getting the best deal, because they also point you to discounts online and in physical stores to get the model you want for cheaper prices.

Hands-on experience

The amazing features of some cordless chainsaws can fool you, encouraging you to buy a model that does not function well when you put it to the test. On the other hand, the extensive expert reviews online can be a great way to find if the model you have in mind delivers what it promises. Some experts like to check if the chainsaw can handle different tasks and share the results of their tests online. Moreover, customer reviews, in particular, offer a great chance to see what other people think of the chainsaw after extended use.


The weight of any chainsaw mainly relies on its bar size. The longer the bar is, the heavier the chainsaw will feel when you use it. That is why checking reviews before buying any model can offer some guidance. You may not be entirely sure of the bar size you need, and by thinking that a bigger chainsaw is better, you may get a model that you cannot easily carry around. Product reviews offer a rundown of the specifications of every model, including the bar size and weight, so you can get a model that does not strain your arm when carrying out simple tasks like pruning.


The cordless chainsaws run on batteries, especially Li-ion battery, you need to find a model that can be used for extended periods before the battery has to be recharged. When you are not an expert, it is easy to disregard the importance of amps, the electric current your battery offers; voltage, the ability of your battery to move the current within the electric circuit; and amp-hours, the runtime the battery provides. By checking out product reviews, you will be able to discern the difference between various models and choose the one that runs for longer.


Nothing is more annoying than spending a lot of money on a tool, only to find out that it needs constant maintenance, which entails extra costs. Due to the constant friction between its bar and chain, your chainsaw will need to be oiled frequently, which is easy to do if you have a bit of experience with such tools. However, cordless chainsaws are mainly for beginners; thus, reviews will point you to models that have an automatic bar oiler. In addition, the chain can also get a bit loose after extended use, so finding a model that has tool-less chain tensioning is important. This feature allows you to tighten the chain without using a screwdriver. All this information can be found in reviews, allowing you to make sure you are getting a fuss-free model that does not require much tinkering.


Finally, reviews enable you to find out if the manufacturer offers a warranty on your desired model. Thus, you can rest assured that if anything goes south, you will be able to return your chainsaw to be fixed or replaced without any issues.

abby-savage-fqsT_W5JwSc-unsplash The Importance of Product Reviews In Choosing the Best Cordless Chainsaw

Cordless chainsaws are great if you need to do some quick pruning or trimming. However, you need to set a budget and determine your needs before getting one. Also, reading expert and customer reviews will put you on the right track to find the best model that suits your level of experience.