A Roof Should Be The Top Priority of Any Home

As an owner, your home is one of the most important personal possessions that you will ever have in your life. Therefore, you should be taking every needed precaution in order to ensure the home is well kept. One step that a homeowner can take to make sure that his or her home remains safe and secure is to properly maintain the integrity of the roof. Making sure that the home’s roof is in good condition will not only ensure that the outside aesthetics remains consistent but also that the inside of the home is protected for years to come.

Different Methods To Measuring Different Roofs

There are a variety of different methods that can be utilized in order to properly measure your roof. Additionally, there are a number of various roofing styles, including gable, flat, hip, gambrel, mansard, and shed. First of all, it will be crucial for you to understand the style of your roofing before you begin any roofing task. Measuring the square footage of a roof may seem difficult; however, if you follow these effective methods when measuring, you can be assured it will be completed in little time. Plus, the measurements will be incredibly accurate.

Measuring in the Roofing World

It is the industry standard that roofing measurements be collected in squares. One roof square is equal to one hundred square feet. Having this basic knowledge and understanding allows you the ability to gather the roofs square footage measurements. You may do so by calculating using a simple form of geometry to find the area of your roof. For example, the formula used to find the area of a square or rectangle is length multiplied by the width. Additionally, the formula used to find the area of a triangle is calculated by taking the base, times height, divided by two. You will want to be sure you measure the square areas first followed by the triangle areas. Once the square area has been found for one side it can simply be multiplied for the opposite side if it is a standard gable roof. If the roof has hips, this is where you would want to use the triangle formula.

The Simple “Shingle Count” Method

This method, known as the Shingle Count method, is widely used for all rectangular shaped sections of a roof. In order to measure using this method you must first know that each 3-tab shingle on the roof measures 12″ wide by 6″ high. Therefore, you will need to count the shingle lengthwise beginning on the left and working your way across to the right. This will give you the total width of the area in feet. Once you have counted across, you then proceed by counting the number of shingles located between the bottom, or gutter, up to the top of the roof, also known as the peak or ridge. You will divide this number by two in order to find your height measurement. Finally, you will take both of the numbers, width and height, and multiply them together in order to find your total square footage for the section. This method of measuring is ideal for individuals that do not want to have to get on any ladders or off of the ground to quickly grab measurements.

Utilizing Satellite Technology As A Measuring Tool

Measuring a roof by satellite can be done via platforms such as Google Maps. This is a great tool to utilize because it is absolutely free. Measuring a roof by satellite also allows you to get rough measurements in order to compile an estimate quickly. There are different software programs that advertise the ability to find the measurements of any roof in fewer than five minutes with incredible accuracy. Another benefit to measuring a roof by satellite is that the measurements can be collected directly from your workstation at no cost. This allows you the ability to gather the measurements and get the roofing job started more quickly. However, it should be noted that Google Earth might not be the most accurate method for measuring the area because you may not know the pitch of the roof. If you refer to the proper roof measuring software you will be able to get a more accurate measurement as it takes the slope, or pitch, of the roof into account.

Draw Up A Sketch

Before you are ready to begin a roofing task, it is highly recommended that you make a sketch of the roof in order to assist you through the process. By sketching out the roof area you will be measuring, you will have a simple diagram to help you establish the proper calculations. In addition, when you draw up different sketches for your roofing area you are more likely to measure every section and not forget smaller areas or triangle sections.

Always Double Check Your Work: It Will Pay Off

You will need to focus on taking your time and be absolutely positive that your measurements are correct. You will also always want to double check your math and be certain your final number is correct before ordering materials. If measurements are collected and turn out to be inaccurate then it could have a devastating and negative impact on the roofing budget. In addition, you do not want to order the material only to find out that your math was incorrect. This would result in you not having enough material in order to complete the roofing task. It should also be noted that many professionals recommend adding an additional 10 to 15 percent to your total measurements. This is one of the most effective tips because the increase will compensate for potential material waste. By slightly over budgeting you will ensure there is enough materials to complete the roof.