Do people truly benefit from security systems? Are they really effective in deterring crimes?

We are happy to share that the answer to both questions is a resounding yes. Studies showed that having a security system is effective in making one’s home less targeted by thieves and burglars. In this post, we’d explain and simplify amazing studies that illustrate how effective and powerful security systems are. After reading this post, you’d fully understand how having one is extremely necessary if you want to protect your home and your loved ones.

Results from recent studies

We will share three different studies that showed proof that burglars tend to avoid homes with a visible security system like lighting, stickers, and cameras. All three studies were done at different times and locations, but all showed consistent results that show just how powerful and effective having the best home security system can be.

UNC study

Researchers from the University of North Carolina showed clear evidence that 80% of burglars would always check if a house has a security system before proceeding with the commission of a crime. The study involved the participation of 400 convicted burglars that were interviewed, evaluated, and assessed when it comes to their criminal methods and motivations.

Not only did the study find out that burglars do consider the presence of a security system in a house, the study also showed that 60% or more than half of all burglars move on to a different home or target once they find out that a house is equipped with a security system. Half of the respondents also shared that they immediately ream and abandon their plans and attempts whenever an alarm goes off.

Cromwell-Olson-Avary study

The National Institute of Justice sponsored the Cromwell-Olson-Avary study that showed evidence that more than 90% of burglars would not choose a target that has an alarm system. The study even showed that 75% of burglar respondents are even discouraged by signs and window stickers. Data showed that burglars prefer easy targets that have no alarm systems in place.

Rutgers SCJ study

This is a four-year-long study by researchers from the Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice that zoned in on the connection between break-ins and the presence of alarm systems in New Jersey. The study showed that not only do security systems effectively prevent burglar attacks, they also act as solid protection for neighboring homes. Data revealed that burglars avoid neighborhoods that have several homes equipped with alarm systems.

Security Systems Are Highly Effective

Burglars prefer easy targets. They want homes that will allow them to get in and out easily without being noticed and detected. When combined, all three studies showed that a home is better protected when it has audible or visible security measures like the following:

  • Security cameras
  • Alarm
  • Outdoor lights
  • Motion-sensor lights
  • Stickers that warn of the presence of an alarm system

Burglars fully take note of the following factors. They go out of their way to determine the presence of each before pursuing a target. When you have the following duly installed in your house, not only will you effectively deter burglars, you’d also make it harder for them to execute their criminal plans and will be more likely to fail. Be proactive in protecting your property and loved ones. Research about security systems Perth and look for expert security consultants that can easily provide you with top-notch security system tools and methods. To make your life easier, look for ones that provide installation and maintenance services.

Why it’s best if you also have security cameras

You should consider adding security cameras because they are extremely helpful in the prevention and deterring of crimes. Several studies showed that places with security cameras have lower crime rates. Even fake security cameras were proven to effectively prevent a home from being burglarized.

This is because burglars and criminals do not want to be seen, detected, or recorded. When they see cameras, they know that they will most likely be seen and recorded so they avoid houses with such if they can.

Cameras are powerful because they can even stop crimes that are in progress. With modern security systems these days, security cameras can be easily automated to send an email or text whenever motion detection settings are activated or triggered. As all notifications are real-time, homeowners can instantly know if an intruder is around. Immediate police action can be had and plans for burglary can be stopped in an instant.

Cameras are also used in recovering stolen goods and items. Their recordings can be used as evidence for claims for damages and theft against a known person or service provider like delivery companies. Camera recordings are effective in helping investigators and authorities in tracking and catching criminals.

When looking for a security camera though, do take note of the following important considerations:

  • Look for one that can give images with high quality and clear resolution
  • Have one with night vision features for burglars that use the darkness of the night to prevent detection
  • Look for security cameras that only start recording and capturing when motion is detected. This is storage-friendly and highly efficient when you just want to focus on suspicious incidents. With one, you won’t need to sift through hours of recorded footage.
  • Prioritize looking for the best placement for your security cameras. Have them placed in your entryway and areas with high-traffic like walkways or hallways.

sec2 The Power and Effectivity of Security Systems: Do They Really Work?

Be secured at all times

Modern technology now easily allows everyone to have 24/7 security and protection at all times. Please take advantage of all the modern conveniences that science and technology provide because all solutions are already present, we just have to act on it. If you really want to secure the protection of your home and your loved ones, having a security system in place is the way to go. It is highly effective and powerful and leaves absolutely nothing to chance.

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