As homeowners, we all want our place to look as good as it can. There are additions, renovations, and remodeling projects we could do. But those cost an arm and a leg. There are other ways—detail oriented ways, to make our home stand out.

When you look at a home, one may look at the construction itself, but there are always other factors at play. We’ve all seen a beautifully constructed house with some horrendous details. This brings down the curb appeal significantly. Alternately, if you throw in some good and classy finishes, you can turn your home from nice to fantastic. All it takes is some planning, some initiative, and a bit of creativity. This is the winning formula for any home upgrade.

A Well Manicured Lawn

There really is nothing more valuable than a well manicured lawn. There’s something about looking at a house in which the framing of our plane of view has to be set correctly, and a well done lawn is absolutely part of that. The regular rotary lawn-mowers that we’re so used to hearing on Saturday mornings just don’t get the job done correctly.

They make your lawn look like a drill Sergeant: uniform, straight, and short. The way to really do it is to introduce a bit more of a natural look to your grass cutting. You can achieve this with a good quality reel mower and some -time to the yard work. The end product of a reel mower is a more natural, more inviting look. There are blades of grass that vary in height, even when cut, but they collectively don’t go above the set height.

Small Landscaping

Adding some landscaping details can do wonders for a house. These don’t have to be expensive revamping projects. But things Ike stones, a bush, some cobblestones, really add to the presentation to the house. And if done right, they can make your place look downright impressive.

The trick is not to overdo it. Good landscaping highlights larger plots of grass, not overtly occupies them. They’re meant to capture your eye so you can enjoy the rest of the grassy space. But if you load up your entire lawn with Buddha statues and big rocks, you’re going to have a problem with crowding. If that’s not an issue for you, be sure to space things out wider than you even feel comfortable with.

Change Your Door

Changing out the door is a subtle move that everyone notices. If you’re into colored doors, find a color that matches the color scheme of the exterior of your home and go for it. When you change the door, what you’re actually doing is setting a focal point. Once you do that, the other details, like the lawn or the DIY landscaping, fall into place a lot better. That is, if you planned it all out to work together as a single thing.

Making one’s home look impressive is less about money and more about taste. All these options are based on ideas that can be applied, and themes that can be followed. But the most important improvement to your home is the one that makes you the happiest.