For people looking for nothing but the best sofas for their living space, the collection of Poliform contemporary sofas certainly has what it takes to meet the expectation.

What makes a sofa the best? Is it the overall design, the quality of the materials, or the functionalities? The best contemporary sofa probably needs to meet all of them. They need to be sleek and trendy, offer a variety of compositional or typological choices, and most of all need to be very comfortable for multi-functional use.

There are a lot of sofa manufacturers offering their designs, yet some are better than the others. The wonderful collection of Poliform contemporary sofas certainly meets all the criteria, and thus, stands pretty much at the top of the list. Here, you can find out what makes them so special.

Made by Prestigious Designers

2 The Specialties of Poliform Contemporary Sofas

A set of sofas made by a woodworker may be very comfortable and long-lasting, but they are quite not a designer sofa. In fact, you can just copy and recreate a design, but they won’t be the same either. After all, the best furniture designers are in a different league all together, offering an uncompromising taste and combine them with their incredible expertise to manufacture each of their unique sofas.

Therefore, the biggest advantage of Poliform contemporary sofas is that they are all designed by some renowned sofa designer. With a list that include prominent names such as Jean-Marie Massaud, Carlo Colombo, Giuseppe Viganò, Paolo Piva, and Paola Navone; you can’t really go wrong with any of their designs.

A Great Variety of Designs

Whether it’s a geometric sofa you are after, or a contemporary modular design; Poliform can offer it all. They have quite a few different sectional sofas, fixed sofas, geometric sofas, sofas with divans of various different shapes, etc. Therefore, it is not very hard to find a sofa that exactly meets your requirements. If not, you can always take advantage of the modular designs and make it as close to your unique layout preferences.

Their lead designer Jean-Marie Massaud alone have designed four different models ranging from soft shapes, double cushion, linear forms, to balanced elegance, etc. Whereas, the modular sofas are designed by Carlo Colombo.

Quality Materials and Multi-Functional Use

Poliform contemporary sofas use a variety of materials that include woods, wood by-products, aluminium frames, etc. Despite the difference in materials in different designs, one thing is common which is the highest standard of quality. The padding is made of polyurethane foam to ensure utmost comfortability, while the cushions are made with materials such as cotton and feather. The use of leather, polyester and cotton for the coverings also lessen the need of frequent dusting.

With divans available in different shapes to suit your personal taste, the different models of the sofas are also great for multi-functional uses. There are also different models available with movable back rest, strong horizontal support, along with sofas with exceptionally large breadth.