It’s important to update the exterior appearance of your home periodically to ensure that it remains up-to-date. There are several reasons why this is important. Having an outdated home will slash the property value. Even if you aren’t selling, you may wish to leverage your property for other investments. Regardless, it’s important to protect such a large investment. Updating the appearance of your home increases property value and protects the longevity of your asset. Often, minor issues are found in the process and can be corrected before they spiral out of control into a much larger issue.

Changing the look of your home can seem like a daunting task. But it’s not that difficult if you know what to do. The most important thing is that the changes you make work well together to improve and modernize the aesthetic. Be careful to choose modern or timeless styles or your efforts will be wasted. But how exactly can people totally revolutionize their home’s appearance in the most efficient way? That’s the point of this article so keep reading to find out the most eye-catching ways to change the exterior appearance of a home.

Reshingle The Roof

Roofs need to be replaced fairly often. Roof replacement is an outstanding opportunity to completely change the look and feel of a home. Too often it is overlooked in favor of the same boring rood options. However, roofs come in many different styles and materials. If you’re looking to make a serious change that your neighbors will notice, choosing some ceramic tiles, a bold shingle color, or a metal roof may be what you need.

If you look around, 90% of homes have one of the 3 basic shades of the basic shingle. But there are a lot of roofing options to choose from. It just takes looking around – commercial roofing contractors in Houston have a wide variety of options to browse through. Shingle selection is an opportunity that is rarely exploited. Therefore, it’s a great way to stand out and make a drastic change in appearance.

Ceramic shingles last for a very long time, but they are very heavy. New installations may require additional support infrastructure to be properly installed. This and the increased cost may make them unsuitable. If they can be afforded, they are a great option.

Conventional shingles are much easier to install and they’re a lot cheaper. But they don’t last as long. They come in several shades. Meanwhile, metal roofs have a long lifespan and come in several colors. They’re great for modern aesthetics and more affordable houses alike. All the options have some ups and downs to be considered.

Change The Exterior Surface

The exterior surface of the home is another major contributor to the overall appearance of your home. First, consider what the current exterior surface consists of. It could be wood, brick, siding, stucco, adobe, or even metal. Depending on the material, there are different changes that can be made.

If you have an adobe exterior, you can add colored stucco to the walls. This can be applied in interesting textures, patterns, and even mural designs. Brick and wood exteriors can even have a layer of stucco applied on top to add a new look. Though there are considerations for each kind of application.

Siding may be covering a different original material, or it could be covering exterior mason boards. If it’s covering up an older finished surface, consider resurfacing and returning to the previous exterior. Siding can also be painted or replaced with a new color.

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Paint The House New Colors

Finally, a new coat of paint is a striking and fundamental way to change the appearance of a home. Changing the trim colors is the most efficient way to bring about a drastic change. By merely painting the gutters, doors, and shutters, the home can appear completely updated.

However, it’s best to paint the entire exterior of your home somewhat frequently anyway. Frequent repaints protect the home’s exterior from erosion. Cracks in paint lead to water getting trapped under the paint. This leads to the rotting of the exterior materials. Paint protects from erosion.

Painting is the most flexible of the options. It’s the easiest and most affordable as well. Wait to determine your colors until you’ve decided on roof materials and colors. Doing it this way will ensure that your choices don’t clash.

Increase Value And Longevity

Be sure to look online for some ideas before getting started. It’s too important to mess up. If done right, updating the exterior appearance of your home can drastically improve its value while ensuring the longevity of your home.

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