We’re all constantly looking for ways to make our homes better for the market. Real estate agents are often recommending areas for us to improve on, but if we make our homes better for buyers in general, we are going to need a more generalized outlook.

In Canada, there are some places within your home that buyers will generally take into account more than the rest of the rooms. Shelburne realtors or any other realtors in the Ontario area will tell you that these are the places you need to take extra special care of in your home.

#1 The Bathroom

The bathroom can make or break a deal. To fancy it up, all you really need to do is give it a deep clean and refresh the sealant around the bath, tiles, and the sink, and maybe invest in a new faucet for your taps.

It might be good to get a new, clean shower curtain to brighten the room up a bit more, and make sure all of the towels are fresh and clean. Also make sure you have a new bar of soap or a full bottle of hand wash available too, just to add an extra level of liveability.

#2 The Kitchen

Make sure all the sides are clean and there aren’t any dirty dishes. You might want to change the faucet in here too, as well as getting new handles for your kitchen and painting the units with a fresh coat if you can.

If you have a wooden work surface it may also be an idea to rub this down and re-oil it, to give it a fresher feeling. Deep clean your kitchen utilities, even your oven and microwave. This gives your kitchen that ready-to-move-into vibe which can be another reason to buy.

#3 The Living Room

The living room is where the buyers are probably going to spend a lot of their family time. They want this space to be clean, comfortable, and well maintained. Washing the covers of your seats will help give this feel, as well as taking your rugs and curtains to a dry cleaners.

Make sure any furniture is dust free and your floor has no hairs on it, whether this be from human or pets. Keeping this space clean and fresh is essential, and it needs to be as depersonalized as possible to help them feel more inclined to move in.

#4 The Master Bedroom

This is most likely where the homeowners will be sleeping, so much like the living room, it needs to be massively clean and neutral. Make sure you put clean bedding on your bed every day, keep your sides clear, and deep clean your carpet and any rugs you might have. Clean your curtains and units, and try to make the room look as bright and as large as you possibly can.

Focusing on these areas will provide you with the largest return on investment when selling your home.

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