Homeowners planning a home remodel in 2022 must know about these six interior design trends!

Over the past two years, our homes suffered some major transformations. They’ve become offices, classrooms, restaurants, gyms, and pretty much adapted to be all sorts of environments for all activities we couldn’t go out to do.

That’s something that must be reflected in how we design our properties.

Little by little, the interior design trends in 2020 and 2021 were about adapting our homes to our new lifestyles as dictated by the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2022, the story is no different. With more people paying more attention to how their home looks and how functional it is (all thanks to spending more time than ever between these walls), interior design trends for 2022 are the drivers for transforming our homes into something that work for our lifestyles and personalities.

Let’s see the six interior design trends that will reshape our homes in 2022!

1. A lot of green

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped almost everything people did in their daily life, from going to the office or university to work or study to even taking a walk in the park in the evenings. That’s how people realized how much they needed to be able to go outside and connect with nature. But, with lockdown restrictions keeping us in our homes, there was only one way to regain this connection we used to have with the outdoors: bring nature inside.

Consequently, 2022 interior design trends involve a lot of green. And, we’re not just talking about bringing as many house plants as possible in. In 2022, we’ll also see furniture painted in bold shades of green across the entire house, from the kitchen to the bedroom. Homeowners will make their accent walls green, choose green kitchen cabinets, or lay a bold green carpet in their living room.

2. Colored concrete

Our bathrooms will also gain some more personality in 2022, and it is all thanks to the trend of colored concrete. Forget about the basic and impersonal gray concrete in the following year. If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, you can go wild with colors when choosing concrete features.

In 2022, we’re expecting to see vivid hues coupled with the texture and depth of concrete to make our bathrooms, kitchens, or outdoor spaces more fascinating and personal. Concrete has gained a lot of popularity over the past year, becoming one of the most favorite design materials. It’s robust, looks interesting, and the colors will make it even more desirable in interior and exterior spaces.

3. Enhanced home offices

If there’s one person working remotely who doesn’t already have a home office, 2022 is the time to invest in one. Enhanced home offices is another major trend skyrocketing in 2022.

Since the pandemic started, most remote workers have made some adjustments to that one room of their house that became their home office. They’ve bought an ergonomic chair, decorated the area with a plant, or even prepared a background for those Zoom meetings they had to hop in while working from home.

But, in 2022, we’re going to witness something even bigger related to this trend: people will reset the room’s function for good, turning it into an actual home office rather than just a corner with a computer and a desk. Little by little, home workers became aware of the importance of the layout and aesthetics of a room for their energy and productivity. So, now, they spend more time and effort in designing their own unique working space that will enhance their focus, motivation, and productivity.

When building and modeling your home office, don’t forget about home office safety. Consult your employer for advice on respecting work safety practices suitable for your activity to avoid a potential work accident injury.

4. Home bars

Another thing people missed during the time spent in lockdown was being able to go to their favorite bar downtown and serve a fancy, delicious drink. So, in 2022, they are building their own fun zones, adding a home bar where they can experience serving drinks in a more exciting way again.

Over the past two years, our homes had to learn to flex between work-from-home zones to classrooms, fine dining restaurants, and entertainment zones. We literally had to transform our homes into different environments to keep the work and the fun going, even if we were locked inside for so long.

So, it’s no surprise that in 2022, people want to level up their fun zones with an attractive tricked-out bar.

5. A deeper connection with nature

Paining their walls green is no longer just enough for homeowners to regain their lost connection with the outdoors. So, some things must change to achieve that.

People are trying to feel closer to nature by inviting as much natural light as possible inside their homes. They even turn windows into doors so that they can quickly step outside whenever they need a breath of fresh air. Windows are turned into larger windows for more natural light to come inside.

Besides that, we also see a prevalence of organic wood tones and clean, natural colors. Hues based in nature are now finding their way inside. Greens, ochre, terra-cotta, oatmeal-beige, and greige are all replacing the classic white shades because homeowners want their properties to remind them of nature.

6. Mastering texture mix

The biggest trend you’ll see in 2022 is texture mixing. The flat finish drywall will go and be replaced with a surface people will want to run their hands over or engage with in a tactile way. For example, faux finishing is becoming a popular choice for home projects.

In 2022, mastering texture mixes is the new norm. Think soft velvets, boucle fabrics mixed with sisal carpets, woven furniture, and marble features. These elements will help add personality and warmth and create an inviting and unique space people will spend time in by choice.

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