When you are decorating your home, it is vital that you know where to start in order to ensure that your project gets off to a good start and that minimal damage occurs to your new décor. Rather than start with the decorating, every project should begin by performing essential renovations and by fixing any issues within your home.

Fix Your Roof

A damaged roof can cause issues within your home, such as leaks, ceiling stains, and mold, which can all ruin the progress that you have made on your home décor, for instance, by leaving walls that need to be repainted and leaving the furniture with watermarks. Therefore, before you carry out the DIY that will make your home look exactly as you have always imagined, you should first ensure that there are no loose shingles on your roof and that your guttering is clear and unbroken. If you find any issues during this inspection that you are unable to fix yourself, you should consider calling out a roofing company in Northwest Arkansas, such as First Star Exteriors, who can help you to prevent any roof problems from impacting the interior of your home.

Sort Out Any Structural Issues

Structural problems can happen to any home, whether it is old or new, and you may be able to spot these issues. Look out for whether your home has leaning walls, if it is subsiding, if your flooring is uneven, or if cracks and bulges are beginning to appear in your walls. The cost of fixing structural issues can range from the hundreds into the thousands, depending on the extent of the issue, and most of the time, you will have to call in a professional to help you to fix these problems. However, fixing the issue may be as simple as removing a tree and its roots, or dealing with damaged drains. You must sort these problems out before you decorate, however, as you may be spending out only to have problems selling your home in the future.

Update Your Plumbing

Updating your plumbing can be extremely disruptive, but knowing the layout of your pipes before you decorate is important so that you can take this into account when you are designing your rooms. You may want to update your plumbing if your home has low water pressure, if your water is discolored, or if your plumbing no longer suits your home design. Start by replacing the pipes with those made from modern materials, such as replacing lead pipes with copper alternatives.

Invest in Your Electrics

Your electrics need to be replaced every decade or so, and before you decorate is the perfect time to do this. You don’t want to rip out your plaster and damage your walls so soon after you have splashed them with a new coat of paint; therefore, it is paramount that you perform these renovations before you decorate. However, you should never carry out electrical renovations if you are not trained or have to knowledge to do so, and you should make sure that your safety comes first whenever you are handling electrics.