If you are someone who says with pride that “I have lived a thousand lives, and I’ve loved a thousand loves,” then you’ll love these words too. Go scroll down and check out the brilliant things you’ll need to embellish your love for books. We have shortlisted some eye-catching things like bookmarks, book sleeves, and book stands like these one, will leave you in awe for sure.

Ecstatic readers are usually cheery and carefree about whatever they have, including piles of books. But, if you plan to befriend books for countless years, you must have some worthwhile stuff to preserve these most precious belongings.

Here’s some stuff that every book owner needs to preserve and add tons of fun to the reading time. Also, if you have a friend who relishes books more than anything, these things will help you get an idea of the best gift for the crazy bookworm.

Attractive bookshelves

If your craze and hunger for books are never-ending, then the count of books you own must not be easily calculable. Are you someone who stuffs books in a teapoy, leaves some lying in the drawer, some in an endless number of bags, a few in a wardrobe, some in the kitchen cabinet?

If yes, then this habit could make you lose your novels. So, bookstands are a must, which would give you a chance to create a mini library. All books in one place will provide you with a more organized and aesthetic feel.

A tote bag

If you are someone who loves to carry books to every nook and cranny of this world, then a tote bag is something you’ll need to add a pinch of chic to your style. And tote bags with reading quotes are just wondrous.

A reading journal

Having an attractive book journal is something you’ll cherish anytime. You’ll feel the joy of reading countless novels even after plenty of years, just by glancing through your reading journal. Book journals are not a necessity to have a great reading life. But, still, they can help you complete book goals, and you’ll enjoy your accomplishments. Penning down comments about books, marking books that you’ve to read, and ticking if you are done will keep you organized and excited.

Charming bookmarks

They’ll attract you at the very first look. Bookmarks come in lovely forms to decorate your books. These are magnetic, leather, velvet bookmarks, and other infinite varieties. And to be realistic, at least a few bookmarks are the need of every bookworm. So, don’t compromise on bookmarks. You can buy one or make one and take pleasure in bookmarking too.

Personalized book stamps

Yes, book stamps can be more incredible than you imagine. Customized book stamps will present you with the new pleasure of enjoying owning books. You can customize them based on your wildest fantasies and stick them in front of your book.

For a book lover, sharing the book and gushing about it with friends is beyond fascinating. However, there are chances that they may forget to return it. Here, book stamps come to your rescue. If you lend it to your friends, they’ll always remember whose book it is because of your stamp.

Glowing book darts

If you’re someone who loves going through your favorite part of a book again and again for joy, then book darts are one among the must-haves for you. So, how do you remember the page? Jotting the page number is not a good option because you’ll find yourself lazy to check them. Or do you just fold the corners of the page? Dog-eared pages are the stepping downs for the wear and tear of books. Are you confused about what to use?

Here’s the solution: book darts are metallic markers that glide smoothly into the pages, and you can easily find your favorite page whenever you want.

Book sleeves

Bookworms are usually possessive and careful when it comes to books. Pristine and spotless pages are the dream of every book lover. But while traveling, carrying books in travel bags causes a bend in their spines. And these bends are annoying. To save your books from becoming crooked, book sleeves came to this world. Put your book in them and take them wherever you want safely.


The above-mentioned solutions would not only add glamour and style to your love for books, but will also save your books. They can solve every single problem a booklover faces. Try the charming accessories now and relish the joy of using them. For any unanswered doubts, leave a comment. Stay tuned for more useful posts.

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