Information today has become integral to the kind of choices we make in our daily lifestyle. With better access to the internet, people today want to have data that can help them make the right choices. This also stands true when it comes to travel because most travelers today are well-informed and aware of what places they want to go and what accommodations they choose.

Choosing the best hotels can add to your overall travel experience but more than anything else you need to have hotel rooms that offer you a great experience when you want to give a pause to your adventure. Great examples are hotels in Arizona with beautiful rooms and room views.

Different hotels offer different hotel room experiences. If you are in the hotel business you need to focus on what most travelers would look into when they look for the best hotel rooms.

Here are a few ideas that go into a well decorate hotel room.

Paint the Right Wall Colour

When you want to impress your guests you need to think of the best wall colours that you can get. This is essential because many guests that come into your hotel would be tired and exhausted from the journey and therefore you need to welcome them with bright colours that make them feel fresh. If you don’t want to take any chances you can pick shades of white that can instantly make the room look brighter. On the other hand, you can also focus on shades of blue and various relaxing earth tones like tan and grey and even go for shades of green to make your hotel room warm and inviting. Many guests would book your hotel room based on the colour they see in the pictures online and therefore choosing the right wall colour makes a difference.

Don’t Skip the Flooring

A hotel is all about aesthetics and appeal and like the wall colours you must also focus on the flooring of your hotel room. Choosing new flooring is a major decision because it involves a lot of work. Changing the flooring can help you create an illusion of separation and therefore you need to focus on what flooring is ideal for your hotel room. Over the years, laminate flooring has become quite a popular trend. Today, you can find a great deal on laminate flooring online through local retailers. On the other hand, there are options like luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) that are becoming immensely popular because they are cost-effective and look fancy at the same time.

Add the Right Lighting

Poor lighting can cast a shadow on your hotel ratings. Hence, you need to focus on how you use lights effectively in your hotel room. The best part about hotel room lighting is that when you do it right your guests won’t notice it. Focus on the concept and theme of your hotel and bring that theme into your hotel room. However, brightening up the space too much would not be a great idea because you want to make your guests feel warm and cosy. You need to have a master switch that would allow the guests to switch on and off all the lights at the same time when they check-in and check out. Also, you need to incorporate natural lighting into your hotel room space and see how you can do that to make your guests feel at home and save on utility bills.

Elegant and Simple Bathroom

Nothing refreshes like a quick shower after you come from an adventure trip. Decorating your hotel room bathroom is equally important. Having the right tiles for your bathroom can make a huge difference. Hence, you need to look for how you can use bathroom tiles to renovate that space. Also, since most hotel bathrooms aren’t as big as rooms you need better lighting to make it look great. Using the right bathroom and toilet accessories like fluffy towels and bath fittings would be important. However, try and keep things simple because you don’t want your guests to go through a learning curve when all they want is a quick hot shower.

Focus on Fabrics

While not many hoteliers would focus on this you need to focus on the quality, texture and colours of the fabrics in the hotel room. When your guests arrive they would instantly want to touch things and feel the vibe of your hotel room. Having the right textures can instantly give them the feeling of being at home. Hence, you need to look for curtains that are just the right texture and offer a sense of comfort. If you have a lot of furniture in the room you can choose neutral colour curtains that offer the right feel factor. You can also incorporate blackout curtains that allow your guests to block out external light and sleep well.

Space Segregation is Important

There is so much that travellers demand these days when they check into the hotel rooms. Hence, you need to design your hotel room wisely keeping in mind the needs of different guests that book your hotel room. Space segregation is a great way to keep things balanced out. Hence, you need to have a hotel room that has a separate lounge area and sleep area. When your guests walk into the room they must instantly identify with the space where they can sit down and relax and sleep. For this, you would want to have a nice comfortable chair or create a cosy spot for reading along with a coffee table.

Choose Room Accessories Wisely

Choosing the right room accessories can make your hotel room look great and make it functional as well. Hence, you need to focus on how you can incorporate a full-length wall mirror, a wall clock, a writing desk, a coffee table and a lounge chair. You need to ensure that you don’t add too many accessories and make your room crowded. Minimizing visual clutter would be important when you are adding these accessories that allow your guests to personalize the space as per their needs. Hence, you need to focus on smaller things that can make a big difference to your hotel room.

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