Wondering how to spice up your home interiors but have no idea what to do? Keep reading to find out simple ways you can improve your interior design and make it up to the mark!

The five main aspects of any room are mentioned below:

  1. Colors

The first thing anyone notices when they enter a room is the color; it is a known fact that a place is set by the colors you choose to set it with. Now, when we talk about colors – it does not just mean the color of the walls, but the furniture, the rugs, and everything in between.

It is important to choose the right color tones for the atmosphere of the room. This can be decided keeping in mind the main purpose of the room. For rooms with big windows, one goes with lighter shades to set the tone right. However, for rooms that are darker, you go with earthy tones – it is also important to note the positioning of the furniture in a room, in a room full of furniture, a dark colored wall would only make it suffocating.

Many people choose to go with light tones for rooms that are smaller, and darker tones for bigger rooms – this is to minimize or maximize their impact on the overall outlook. To spruce up your interior design, you definitely need to look into complimentary shades. It is important to have two or more shades in the room to give it a modern, chic look.

While color may not fall directly into your To-do list, it is an extremely important step that should not be forgotten. Colors bring together the whole look of a room; picking out the color of the walls, furniture and rugs is what ties the room together so make an informed choice!

  1. Art

Without art, we would be lost – this saying has made its way into every aspect of our life. Whether you are decorating a bedroom, a café, or your living room, an art piece to tie it together is necessary.

While there are many options to choose from, the paintings of Picasso, or local artists, we recommend adding an art piece that is created by you to make your space yours. Now, we know you must be thinking back to your non-artistic sides and wondering what we mean.

The answer to your confusion is DIY Painting, either its paint by numbers or diamond painting. Painting by numbers is easy for beginners and you are able to make your own artwork from scratch. Just get a numbered canvas kit, e.g. from Painting by numbers shop, and start working on it. Diamond paintings are a way to indulge in your creative side without having to be a professional at it. Diamond painting is found in many online stores. There are some specialty stores that sell only diamond art. is one of them we have tried. Painting with tiny jewels, turning regular pieces of diamonds into an excellent art piece is called diamond art painting.

Not only it is super easy to do, but it also comes with a DIY kit making sure each part is clear to the one using it. It comes with a numbered list where you decorate it with small diamonds. It is important to feel like you belong in your own space, which is why diamond painting might be the best way for you to utilize your own artistic abilities and flaunt them to the world!

  1. A DIY art piece is just what newly designed places need!

Once you have decided on the colors, you must now move on to the walls. Obviously, a room without good walls is just a den. No one likes to enter a room that has no structure or substance, and a wall is a perfect way to make your room into a safe space for you and your peers.

Now, a wall does not just need to be painted, it can be decorated or just plain. However, the planning of what a wall should look like is a prime stage in the interior designing period. Every designer knows that when you design a place, you keep in mind the wall and how it should be done. This includes the structure of the wall, window placement, curtains, and even wall art.

We will be discussing art as we progress with this article, so let us get into the rest of the aforementioned things. When a wall is concerned, a designer needs to leave no stone unturned. The first step is to decide the wall paint – the choices include wallpapers, two tones, or even plain old paint. This is determined by the window placement and then by the atmosphere of the room.

An over-furnished room should not be paired with wallpaper that is too printed; it can be paired with floral prints that tie the room together.

Choose your wall paint wisely!

  1. Floor

Moving to the floor, it is important to have everything that matches with the vibe of your room. In 2020, the vibe is what matters to most people, which is tied to almost everything to the room.

There are many ways to style your floor; this includes rugs, carpets or even furniture that goes more towards the floor of the room. Entering a room, you watch where you walk and then notice the tiny details on the floor.

To spruce up your living room floor, we recommend having a traditional full of color rug that grabs the attention of anyone that walks in. However, for a room that is fully furnished, a plain block-colored rug might be the better choice. A floor can also have simple choices without rugs; these include wooden floors, carpeted floors, or the style of tiles in a room.

When making the decision for tiles/carpets, it is important to remember that any of these choices can go with the room as long as you follow the color patterns mentioned above.

Remember to have fun with your interior designing, it is important to be creative.

  1. Lights

Lights have changed a lot in the past few years; there have been various new designs that have been taken up by interior designers. Once again, the design for the light is dependent on the vibe that you have decided for your room.

Contemporary styled lights have made their way into the hearts of many people, lights with geometric designs go really well with earthy tones, and traditionally styled lights such as heavy chandeliers are for darker tones.

Choosing a light can also be fun because you get to decide what fits better in a room.

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