The living room is a special place. It is where we relax. It is where we spend most of our time together. It is where we watch movies and disconnect from the stress of our lives. It is our safe place, our sanctuary. That’s why it is so important to make it your ideal environment. Whatever your goal is when you are designing your living room, there are quite a few ways to do it. Whether you want the classic couch and TV or something unique, below are some things to consider when you are trying to make your living room the best possible version of itself.

The Sofas / Chairs

One of the most important things to consider when you are designing your living room is what kind of chairs or sofas you will have. Will you go for the traditional large couch? What about a love seat or a futon? An outdoor double chaise lounge chair like this one from Harbor Classic can also be used inside. You can put in something fun like bean bags or have several individual chairs. You might think that you must have a couch, but why? There are plenty of interesting designs without a sofa. Whatever you end up doing, thinking about your chairs, sofas, and other places to sit will greatly impact your living room.

The TV

Next, the TV is an essential part of the living room. Or is it? Choosing whether to have a TV in the living room will define the atmosphere of the area. If you don’t have one, you are making a statement. You are saying that this area is for conversation and interaction.

If you’re like most people and want to have a TV in the living room, what kind will you have? How big does it need to be? Will you mount it on the wall or set it up on top of some sort of table? What about the sound? Do you have to have a movie theater in your living room or a small television? Every one of these decisions impacts the vibe of your living room and what people will do when they’re in it.

Open or Closed Concept

Another thing to consider is how open your living room will be. An open concept makes people feel welcome and comfortable enough to enter the living room while a closed concept can separate the living room from other rooms and provide a bit of privacy. You can do this in several ways. Depending on the layout of the property, you can augment the access to the living room. You can use the couch or bookshelves to section if off. You can strategically place the TV. You can even use dividers. It all depends on the house and what you are going for, but keeping an open vs closed concept in mind will guide your design strategy.

Will You Include Plants?

One thing that makes a living room much more inviting is plants. A plant or two adds a natural element that alters how you feel. It can feel a lot more organic when you have a real plant around you. It can offset the technology and screens that you have in the living room. You may not notice over time, but you will benefit from including natural elements in your living room.


Finally, will you have tables in your living room? A traditional coffee table goes a long way, but you could also skip it altogether and simply keep a few small end tables. When you are going for an open concept, skipping the coffee table can help you create more space. Smaller tables can be designated for drinks and lamps. A small coffee table close to the ground is also a nice compromise. When you have the rest of your living figured out, the table situation will be obvious.

There are plenty of different ideas to make the ideal living room. Are you trying to create a center of conversation or entertainment? You can very easily set the vibe with your living room choices. Instead of going with the traditional method, think about how you want your ideal living room and let this vision guide you. After all, it’s your sanctuary.

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