Buying a house is an adventure.  Emotions run high and there is a lot at stake.  When you find the home of your dreams, it is hard to stay objective.

Here are some simple house hunting tips to consider when you are looking at new homes.


Usually, when a home is for sale, the seller moves many of their personal items out to make the home appear more appealing to potential buyers.  This can make a home seem to have more storage space than it actually does.  Make note of the storage throughout the potential home and make sure that it will suit your needs.


Lights fixtures are one of those details you may not notice right away.  You may not be able to catch dim corners or a room without a ceiling fixture if you view the home during the day.   Usually, fixtures are included. However, don’t take this for granted. Some owners take their expensive light fixtures along with them when they move, so, if there is a fixture you particularly like, you may want to make sure it is included with the house.


Visit the property at different times.  Sometimes an apartment or house will be peaceful and quiet during the day, but at night the neighbors like to have loud parties.  Visiting a few times at different times of the day will help ensure you don’t have to put up with a noisy neighbor later on.


Look at the surrounding neighborhood.  Does it feel welcoming? Will the new home be close to the amenities that you need?

Water Pressure

Try running the water in all the sinks and flushing the toilets.  This is a quick and easy way to discover if the potential home has any plumbing issues.


Ask about the age of the appliances and if they are still under guarantee.  If you need to buy new appliances, you may be able to negotiate the price of the home to account for the purchase.

Ignore Decor

Walls can be painted and rugs can be changed.  Try to look at the bones of the home.  Ask yourself if the layout of the home suits your needs.  Decor trends come and go, but the foundation of the blueprint will stay the same.

Major Exterior Upgrades

Take a look at the driveway, roof, and siding.  Are they in good condition?  When was the last time each of these was replaced?

Get a Home Inspection

Having a home inspection is worth the cost.  An expert will look over your potential purchase and give you peace of mind that you have made the right decision.

Ask Questions

The final piece of advice when looking at new homes, whether they are in Calgary, New York, or Los Angeles, is to ask questions if you have concerns.

It is difficult not to get emotional when making a big purchase like a new home. However, if you stay calm and take time to think, it will be easier to make the right decision.