Following the onset of the global pandemic and a shift towards working from home, our houses have become the spaces where we spend most of our time. This major change is also an opportunity to reconsider how our homes look and feel. As we head towards a new year and continue nesting and making sure our homes are comfortable, we have a perfect opportunity to consider new trends and explore ideas to refresh our home interiors. Mosaics have long been one of the most popular additions to home interiors, from antiquity to the modern day. In recent years, mosaic panels have increasingly become incorporated into modern interiors; this is a major trend for all interior spaces. Below we share three ways to transform your home with mosaics in 2022.

Embrace Colors and Patterns

One of the biggest interior design trends predicted for the next year is the use of colors and patterns. After almost two years of the pandemic, many homeowners want to add some playfulness and a splash of color to their homes. Having a unique mosaic piece in your home immediately makes your living space unique and adds a more complex look and feel. For lovers of minimalist style, mosaics are a way to add complexity to a room’s design all the while serving as a timeless statement. Combining vibrant colors and intricate patterns is predicted to be one of the biggest trends for 2022; mosaics are one of the most suitable mediums to keep up with trends. With limitless color choices and patterns, you can combine carefully crafted designs and mosaic inserts to really bring a major touch up to your home. Mozaico, a luxury brand of handcrafted mosaics, offers a wide range of mosaic patterns with designs ranging from classic and figurative to contemporary and abstract. 

m2 Patterns, Palettes, and Personality: Three Ways Mosaics Can Transform Your Home in 2022

Restyle Your Kitchen

2022 is expected to be the year of major shifts from minimalist monochrome interiors to more colorful and vibrant palettes. Of course, there are certain designs that are classics and if you have one of those—like an all-white kitchen, for example—and love them, there’s no need to change to follow fashion. For those who want to experiment, it is a great time to introduce some warm hues, such as saffron, into your kitchen. Walls and furniture can be used to play with color, stone countertops can make bold statements, and there are ample opportunities to play with kitchen backsplash designs. Mosaics as a medium offer a great alternative to more common solutions for the kitchen: From floors to countertops to backsplash, the use of natural stone and glass for mosaics offers truly outstanding alternatives and one-of-a-kind designs.

Express Your Personality

There is no doubt that adding art pieces to your space immediately helps to highlight your personality. Be that a poster or a painting, art is one of the most effective ways to level up your interiors. Although mosaics are often presented as materials used to complement a design, they are also art pieces in their own right. Carefully created by skilled craftsmen, no two mosaics are the same. At the same time, the usage of natural durable materials such as marble, quartz, and glass, make the mosaics an eternal art piece.

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