So, the other day I found myself deep in thought about throw pillow ideas for a sectional. You know, sectionals are such a great way to bring people together, but sometimes they need a little pizzazz to really shine.

Now, here’s what I’ve been thinking:

  • Color, of course! It’s amazing what a splash of the right hue can do.
  • Patterns and textures? You bet! They can turn a sectional into a conversation starter.

So, picture this: I was at my cousin’s place last week, lounging on their huge, comfy sectional, when it dawned on me – “This thing has so much potential!” I mean, it was nice and all, but it just needed something extra to make it pop.

That’s when all those throw pillow ideas started flooding my mind. I couldn’t stop imagining how each one would look scattered across that sectional, and I knew I had to share my thoughts with you.

Alright, enough with the chit-chat. Let’s dive right in and explore some fantastic throw pillow ideas that’ll transform your sectional into a true statement piece.

You’re gonna love it, trust me!

Decide How Many Pillows You’ll Need

A sectional piece of furniture will probably be the largest element in the living room. As such, it should continue the same color palette as the rest of the space. Throw pillows are one of the better ways of achieving this. Thus, think about the size of the largest pillows you’ll use and plan their formation.

At the same time, consider their functionality. Ensure they provide support for your lower back and neck. Lastly, it’d be even better if you picked solid pillows with patterns matching the rest of the furniture.

The Various Types of Sofa Pillows

Utilizing a Decorative Pillow Cover

1-51 A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Throw Pillows for Your Sectional
Image source: Tobi Fairley Interior Design

An excellent method of adding style to your living room setup is having matching drapes and throw pillows. For example, you can proceed with the anchor color scheme starting with an accent chair or a coffee table. Later, you can swap between several pillow inserts to change to another cohesive look.

Solid Pillow for Function Over Form

2 A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Throw Pillows for Your Sectional
Image source: Marie Burgos Design

Throw pillows are comfy but also essential for upkeeping proper body posture. Thus, the largest pillow on your sofa should provide support for your waist and lower back areas. On that note, you don’t need to pick elements with a large-scale pattern. Instead, favor the ones that won’t lose shape even if they have a simple print.

Hybrid Pom Poms for Sectional Sofas

Hybrid pillows borrow from both the memory and down types. As such, they adjust to the shape of your neck but also provide comfort and relaxation. Hence, you can utilize that type as well, even for your living room decor.

The Main Traits of Throw Pillows

The Optimal Dimensions for a Family Room

4 A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Throw Pillows for Your Sectional
Image source: P2 Design

One of the most exciting things about throw pillows is what each subtype brings to the table. Hence, they differ a lot from regular bed pillows in that regard. Therefore, you can experiment by adding more pillows of alternating types on a sectional sofa to find the best combo.

The square/rectangular throw pillows – This is the standard type of throw pillows, usually within the 18-24 inches range. Due to how easy it is to arrange them, many consider square throw pillows the perfect accessory for an armless sectional sofa.

The supportive bolster shape – With their cylinder-like shape, bolster pillows are very reliable for supporting your back. Plus, they look modern next to other pillow shapes. They often come in a size between 7 and 20 inches in diameter.

The chick round throw pillows – While people pick them for a new decorating project, round pillows can provide lumbar support as well. Also, they look classy and if they come with a vibrant hue, you can use them as the centerpiece. As for size, they range from 16” to 24” across.

The large lumbar throw pillows – As the name implies, lumbar pillows come in the right size to support your back. Some of them reach a whopping 18” x 82” size! You can also set two      12” x 40” throw pillows and space them out on your sofa.

The other types of throw pillow shapes – Nowadays, throw pillows come in wacky, trendy, and classical shapes. For example, you can use star or fish-shaped ones to add a fun factor to your living room setup or kids’ room.

The Fill Material of These Accessories

Generally, throw pillows come with one of the three basic types of filling. However, there are combinations available on the market as well.

  1. Synthetic polyester – This is an inexpensive material that’s preferred for decorative pillows. However, such pillows often develop lumps that you’ll have to keep an eye out for.
  2. Down throw pillows – Usually, these pillows cost twice as much as their synthetic counterparts. Yet, they’re far more durable and won’t lose their shape under pressure. At the same time, they’re fluffy to the touch.
  3. Foam throw pillows – Foam is the most used material for orthopedic products. As such, you can find it in round, square, and lumbar pillows alike.

The Allergy Factor

If you prefer pillows that feel firm and soft at the same time, look for ones with 100% natural filling. Wool and cotton are the usual choices for that purpose and also resist dust mites. Furthermore, such materials are hypoallergenic, meaning they shouldn’t cause you respiratory issues.

Furthermore, wool as a material collects moisture by default. As a result, a wool pillow provides deeper REM sleep since you won’t feel too warm at any point.

The Most Popular Fabrics for Throw Pillows

Currently, wool, linen, velvet, and cotton are the most popular and suitable pillow fabrics. However, the task of finding the right spot for them within your interior design is never easy. So, orient by whether you want to accent their pattern or use it as a complementary color scheme for another element.

Measuring the Size of a Throw Pillow

  • Hold the pillow firmly on the opposing ends and stretch the fabric lightly
  • Proceed to measure the length of the pillow from top to bottom
  • Next, hold the pillow on the left and right edges and stretch to the sides
  • Measure the width of the pillow along its edges

Picking the Right Pillow Colors and Sizes for Sectional Sofas

8 A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Throw Pillows for Your Sectional
Image source: Violandi + Warner Interiors

One of the safest methods of creating an inviting ambiance is by combining 20 and 22 inch throw pillows. Next, add a playful note on the edge of the sitting area. For example, an 18-inch pillow or a supportive, lumbar one.

What to Consider Before Getting a New Set of Throw Pillows

Properly Measure the Living Room Couch

9 A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Throw Pillows for Your Sectional
Image source: Ally Fountain Design

Start by figuring out what is the shape of the main sitting furniture element in your living room. Usually, they come in a half-a-circle, U or L-shaped formation. Also, depending on the available space, you might have to go with an armless sectional sofa.

Next up, think about the traffic pattern of the room. On that note, opting for a chaise pattern for the sofa might get tiring in the wrong layout. Thus, consider your personal preference on such aspects.

Aim for a Comfortable and Aesthetically Pleasing Setup

10 A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Throw Pillows for Your Sectional
Image source: Joseph Farrell Architecture

The sectional sofa will be the most used furniture piece in your living room. Hence, you’d want to make it look comfy, but also neat. Hence, most people use up to seven throw pillows in a single arrangement on a sectional.

Start by placing a base pillow on each of the edges and pair them with an accent pillow. Next, proceed by adding pretty pillows on the angles to avoid a too-formal outcome. That way, you’ll produce a cohesive yet visually interesting look.

Producing a Tasteful Clash of Colors

11 A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Throw Pillows for Your Sectional
Image source: Jonna Luxury Homes

When decorating your living room couch, add only elements that feel complementary to it. Otherwise, the accessories will overwhelm the scene and make the space look messy. Thus, make your selection according to optimal throw pillow ideas for a sectional sofa.

Properly Spacing Out the Pillows

12 A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Throw Pillows for Your Sectional
Image source: Marie Burgos Design

When redecorating your living room, opting for a symmetrical approach is your best bet. To do so, start by placing the largest pillows on the opposing ends of the sofa. Then, move to the center by adding sets of smaller and smaller elements. You can use lumbar, round, or cute, purely decorative throw pillows as well.

Achieving that cascading effect is always a plus, and you can even do so by using only three pillows. Furthermore, you can pick between the side-by-side and the overlapping methods of arrangement. Either way, look for ways to accentuate the busy print of the few pieces with different patterns.

When using a sectional with a separate chaise lounge, you’ll have an easier time spacing out the pillows. Next, consider grouping them up according to their shape and size. For example, place several pillows in the middle and arrange other groups at both ends of the couch.

FAQs on Throw Pillow Ideas for a Sectional

What size throw pillows should I use for my sectional?

Depending on the dimensions of your sofa, select decorative pillows accordingly. Pillows between 18 and 24 inches in a square can be placed on most standard-sized sectionals.

Larger pillows work well on bigger sectionals, while smaller pillows may be more appropriate for more compact sofas. It’s also a good idea to combine several sizes for a more complex and interesting visual effect.

What shape throw pillows should I use for my sectional?

The greatest way to add interest and dimension to your sofa is to get throw pillows in a variety of forms.

Standard pillows are typically square or rectangular, but you can also choose round or bolster shapes. Pillows in interesting shapes, such as diamonds or hexagons, can also be used to do this.

How many throw pillows should I use on my sectional?

The size of your sofa and your own taste will determine how many decorative pillows you use on it. Using an odd number of pillows, such as three or five, is a good way to achieve visual harmony.

But, if you have a lot of pillows on your couch, it can look cluttered and uncomfortable. Strike a balance that complements your home’s decor.

Should I choose matching or contrasting throw pillows for my sectional?

The decor of your room and your own taste will determine whether you should get complementary or contrasting throw pillows for your sectional.

Matching pillows can create a unified aesthetic while contrasting pillows can offer interest and dimension. Choose pillows with contrasting colors or patterns that complement one another for a well-coordinated aesthetic.

What materials are best for throw pillows on a sectional?

You may customize the look and feel of your sofa by selecting different throw pillow materials. Cotton or linen can give a more informal and relaxed aesthetic, while velvet or chenille can add warmth and texture to your design.

You may also make your design look more lavish by including faux fur or leather.

How do I choose the right color for my throw pillows on my sectional?

The color scheme of your room and the color of your sectional will determine the best choice for your throw pillows.

White, beige, and gray are neutral colors that go well with almost any accent color. Choose bold colors like blue or red, or more subdued tones like pink or sage, for a striking contrast. Check out what colors will go with or stand out against your current furnishings.

What style of throw pillows should I choose for my sectional?

Decorative pillows for your sectional sofa should complement the room’s design scheme. Think about using geometric shapes or straight lines for a contemporary feel.

Colorful and patterned fabrics are welcome in bohemian and eclectic decor. Both plain colors and understated patterns are acceptable for classic clothing. Choose pillows with metallic threading or sequins to up the glam factor.

What are some unique throw pillow ideas for a sectional?

Throw cushions in unusual shapes, such as circles or hexagons, on your sectional for a creative twist. Try out several materials with interesting textures, like leather or jute.

You can also make a statement by mixing patterns in unconventional ways, such as by wearing polka dots with stripes. Last but not least, you can add a special touch by decorating with monogrammed or custom-made cushions.

Should I match my throw pillows with my rug or curtains?

It’s not required, but it might help to create a unified aesthetic if you match your throw cushions to your area rug or curtains.

Throw cushions in a solid hue can help to create visual harmony when combined with a patterned rug or curtains. Alternatively, you may add throw cushions in coordinating colors or patterns to bring the room together. Find a happy medium between too much uniformity and chaos in your decor.

How do I choose throw pillows that are both stylish and comfortable for my sectional?

Choose decorative pillows for your sofa that are both elegant and comfy by thinking about the fabrics and fillings available.

Pillows filled with down or down alternatives tend to be fluffier and cozier, while those made of foam tend to be firmer and provide more support. Pillows with detachable covers are preferable for washing and upkeep.

Think about the aesthetic of the pillows as a whole and pick some that match the theme of your room while also showing off your sense of style. Finding that sweet spot between fashion and ease is the key to making your sectional feel like home.

Conclusion on the Best Throw Pillow Ideas for a Sectional

Sectional sofas take up a lot of space, prompting most people to avoid figuring out how to style them properly. Still, you can implement a lot of creativity when doing so, changing the entire feel of the room in the process.

For starters, settle on a basic color scheme and a prevailing theme of textures. Next, arrange the pillows in cascading layers, starting from the biggest ones all the way to the tiniest throw pillows.

As for how many throw pillows you’ll need, guide your choice by the exact measurements of your sofa. Then, space out the pillows to provide both form and function. The same goes even when using a traditional loveseat instead of a bulky sectional couch.

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